Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vote for Maddie or You'll be Saddy

Maddison is running for the Student Body Class President. He mom and dad are so proud of her. We think its an amazing opportunity for her and are sooooo excited that she is brave enough to give it a go!
Here we are with her campaign posters

and her more than willing to help proud brother and sister.

Her friend Kiley is running for Treasurer.

Good Luck to both of you!
It was a week and 1/2 long campaign and there were so many kids running for offices that they school ended up doing a Primary Election first.  Posters were hung on Monday and Speeches along with campaign promises were made in each classroom on Friday.
The good news.......Maddie made it through the Primaries. She now only had to compete with Mike Richardson and Alyssa Stockard for the Presidential seat.

Her campaign slogans were

Vote For Maddie or You'll be Saddy


Be Glad Vote Mad

Maddie V for President

Pretty cute!!!!

 Her speech was short and sweet and to the point. She did a great job even though her brothers were very noisy and less than cooperative. Right as she was standing up Clayton knocked a chair down and while she was speaking Allen preceeded to walk on the chair several times, noise, noise, noise! To say that I was a bit embarrassed is putting it mildy!

In the end Alyssa won Student Body Class President, but I tell ya, Myles and I are very proud of our MadN for running. That took courage.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lattin Farms Again, I Just Can't Wait to go to Lattin Farms Again

Making merriment and laughter with my friends, I can't wait to go to Lattin Farms again!

     For the last two years that we have been involved in Highschool with Kylee, the team has had a fund raiser at Lattin Farms, Family Fun Day. We look forward to going each year and hope that this is a fundraiser that they keep doing. As a family we LOOOOOVVE Lattin Farms and have gone each year ever since we moved to Fallon. We go as a family to the pumpkin patch, through the corn maze ( and each year Myles and I ask ourselves why, oh why do we torture ourselves like this! The kids are exhausting to say the least as we go through the maze) and the kids love the hay ride and cow rides. Lattin Farms has been a Family Tradition for soooooo long, I just don't know what we'd do if they ever left! Following are the pictures from this years Lattin Farms trip, excluding Chelsea who was at home very very sick, and Minnie who has now moved out and has a life of her own :( !

Allen gets to ride in the cow ride all by himself

He was a bit unsure of what to expect, good thing Lindy
is there  to watch out for hime


It's a bit bumpy. After the ride ended he dutifully got out of his
car like everyone else was doing and then went directly
to another car and attempted to climb in for another
go around! Too cute!

Now its Lindy and Madns turn

Bounce house fun

ee yah

Ready for the hay ride

What a clown!

My cutie patootie

Don't look toooo excited linny

Yeah!!! this is great

Clayton, Tashee and Allen Riding until the cows come home

Lets go again

Full of energy

Maddie and her friend Carlee

Kylee at work

A cool tree

The hay ride from the beginning

Do I really need to come up with a caption?


I'm my fathers son in more ways than one!

With a face like that Britten should have been in the goats hole!

Hey, get to work Chip!

Waiting for the Cow Ride!

Sorry for the blur, they seriously rode until the cows came home!
It was nearly dark before the  cows were put to bed

Long legged little girl!
The Corn Maze was flooded during Family Fun Night so we all got a raincheck and get to go back to Lattin Farms another time, Whoop Whoop!!!!