Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chelsea; Officially a Teenager

Chelsea is now 13 and growing up into quite the girl. She doesn't belch nearly as loudly nor as often as she used to and she's began dressing herself up a lot more. Naturally she doesn't need make up and fancy hair to look beautiful but as young ladies grow up they tend to beautify themselves up even more, accenting their natural beauty with some color and hairdos. Chelsea, besides being one of the fabulous cooks in the house and a natural with her little brothers is just awesome! She is learning to play the violin, still playing soccer and a top student with her grades and attendance. She makes a mother and father proud to call her daughter. Chelsea has bragging rights on the soccer field as not only being a great player but also as being the one in the family to get us all started in this great, fun, busy and competive sport, she's the soccer pioneer that turned us all into a Soccer family!
She went to Girls camp as a 2nd year this summer and had a blast at Mammoth Lakes. She enoys going to the temple with the youth, which is a choice that really makes me proud.All in all, shes's an awesome girl, her parents are proud of her and appreciate her sweet spirit, her company, and her sense of humor. We love you pink monster, you'll always be in our hearts!The only part of Chel Bell's cake that turned out well was the inside and the peace sign on the top. I was very disappointed with my tie dye as it didn't turn out at all and the purple just turned everything a muddy brown :(. I'm so sorry Chelsea, I wanted it to be awesome for you and it wasn't. ;{

Monday, May 17, 2010

Natasha; of driving age and seeking employment.

Natasha turned the BIG 16! This is so totally a big deal because she can get her driving license and a job! :)
Ta Ta continues to be my miracle cleaner and organizer, I don't know where she gets her skills from but they sure come in handy, I appreciate knowing that I can ask her to clean and muck through a section of the house and she will have it all done, organized and in tip top shape all in a matter of minutes, shes awesome. Of course her organizing abilities are not the only thing that we love about our Sashee girl, she is kind and generous with her siblings, friends and her parents. She works hard in shool and keeps her grades good, (they'd be even better in a few of her classes if she could convince her teachers to love her as much as we do! (:  ) She shares her earnings with her siblings, which really makes us laugh because she would rather go out and spend her hard earned money on lunch for everyone rather than cook it at home!!!!
We appreciate her willingness to serve and take care of those around her. We love her smile, and adore her ability to have fun.
Natasha went to Girls camp this year as a Junior leader and I was bursting at the seams with all of the praise given me by her leaders, they were so impressed and proud of her, she did a great job and she enjoyed doing it, what can we say, Sashee's just a totally awesome daughter.I had a lot of fun decorating her cake, we used a yummy whipped frosting and put premade little purple flowers all over a sqare cake, it turned out just like I had visioned. I loved it!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Minnie, Zack, Prom

Prom was so exciting!!!!! First off I loved shopping for a dress with Minnie, she has such a good sense of style and what to wear to flatter her and what NOT to wear, thats an important thing to know! Except for the fact the the little boys were with us and were very tired and hungry and mostly tired, we had fun.
On top of that the prom couple decided that it would be a great idea to have their dinner with both sets of parents as Zacks house, he wanted to cook for us.
Isn't she Goregous!
It was awesome! Plus it saved them from having to drive all around showing each other off to their parents before prom, we were all right there with our cameras driving the teenagers crazy, as is our right.
 Plus we got to hear the story of  how Zack was so particular about his tux, he made sure that his tie matched Minnies dress, and then, when he was getting Minnie's corsage for her, he asked the clerk to see the ribbon so that he could make sure that the ribbon matched her dress exactly. Thats just so sweet! :)
We all watched as the boys held the doors for their girls and then, waving and smiling they all loaded up and drove off into the night for an evening of laughter, dancing and no curfew. Thats what you get when your parents know that you will make good choices! They reported the next morning, well it was actually afternoon, that they had a great time, they danced, they laughed, they didn't look at the decorations or even take notice that there were any, had their official prom picture taken, ate hor d vors and came home at a decent hour. All in all I think that is was a very successful evening and just as exciting for mom and dad, who were sending their first daughter off to prom, as it was for the couple going.
pictures to post soon

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Madison; 11 in 2010

Maddie, Maddie, Maddie, Where would I be with out you? My helper at all times of the day, my back massager, my little sweetie, you are the best! I love your smile, I love your littleness, I love your achievments and all of the hard work you do to accomplish the things that you do.

I was so impressed with you for setting a goal to be on A honor roll all year long and for achieving that goal. You are an awesome sister to your little brothers and to your sisters and a great daughter to your parents. You are a good friend to your friends and that is very important. We all love you Maddie Marie. Happy Eleventh!

After all of the presents were opened Clayton threw his arms out and says loudly "What, No more presents!"Kylee and Chelsea decided to be smoking goofs, Kylee actually got burned from the wax.

Minnie's Prom Collage

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Big Pig Fight

I hope that I didn't get your hopes up with the title, I don't have any pictures of a pig fight. :{ Sorry, we were all way toooooo busy watching it to take any pictures :) ! At out Reno show, NJLS we missed Grand by a pig fight! Madison's pig was involved in a huge fight that took 3 men with boards (thats what they break up fights with) and several minutes to get the situation under control. The average fight is about 30 seconds, this one was several minutes! Needless to say Madison was penned and given 2nd place which was good. The Reno show is a lot harder to win, even though we did get Grand there last year with Minnie and her pig Winston!!!! Not to sound all country on you but Myles spoke to the judge later and he said that he liked Madison's pig a lot better than the 1st place pig but he couldn't risk having that pig back in the ring for the final drive sooooo, we may have missed a 2nd grand but oh well, that just how the ball bounces. Disappointing but alright.
Any how, Minnie received a 2nd in class, Natasha, 3rd in class, Kylee 1st in class, Madison 2nd, Chelsea ? and Lindy ? . During Showmanship We did horrible. Kylee's pig was fighting this time and she was just sent from the ring and then excused right away. I was bummed for her because watching her from the sidelines I could see her working hard to do a good job, the fight happens and she's penned instantly and her shoulders fell and I could tell she was disappointed. Thats the hardest part about being a mom, seeing your kids hurt or discouraged. Any how, Madison was the only one (not surprisingly she was allowed to show someone elses pig for showmanship) who makde it to the final drive for showmanship. She got 6th place, everyone else got a blue or red ribbon. Lindy did a great job showing this weekend, she went out and worked her little heart out and the judge had good things to say about her on both days, I was very proud of her.
We don't have any pictures of her showing this weekend because the camera man was too busy dealing with a rogue pig when she was showing. We don't have any picts of Maddie for the same reason. We are so pathetic I know!
One of the best parts about this weekend was some very special friends came to visit us and watch the girls show. Thanks so much for your love and support Donnie and Sandra!!!XOXOXO
On the last note, this year at State Fair, wich is in August, will be Minnies last show and your last chance to watch her in the ring!!!!!(hint hint)