Monday, May 17, 2010

Natasha; of driving age and seeking employment.

Natasha turned the BIG 16! This is so totally a big deal because she can get her driving license and a job! :)
Ta Ta continues to be my miracle cleaner and organizer, I don't know where she gets her skills from but they sure come in handy, I appreciate knowing that I can ask her to clean and muck through a section of the house and she will have it all done, organized and in tip top shape all in a matter of minutes, shes awesome. Of course her organizing abilities are not the only thing that we love about our Sashee girl, she is kind and generous with her siblings, friends and her parents. She works hard in shool and keeps her grades good, (they'd be even better in a few of her classes if she could convince her teachers to love her as much as we do! (:  ) She shares her earnings with her siblings, which really makes us laugh because she would rather go out and spend her hard earned money on lunch for everyone rather than cook it at home!!!!
We appreciate her willingness to serve and take care of those around her. We love her smile, and adore her ability to have fun.
Natasha went to Girls camp this year as a Junior leader and I was bursting at the seams with all of the praise given me by her leaders, they were so impressed and proud of her, she did a great job and she enjoyed doing it, what can we say, Sashee's just a totally awesome daughter.I had a lot of fun decorating her cake, we used a yummy whipped frosting and put premade little purple flowers all over a sqare cake, it turned out just like I had visioned. I loved it!

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