Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Ghoulies Are In!

We had a ton of fun editing our pictures for Halloween. Take a look and see what you think.

The little kids designed their own photos with me.

B kept adding and adding and adding props until I told him he was DOnE!

I thougt that Clay might be scared todo this because when
I did Minnies he did not like it all, but after seeing
everyone elses he wanted to be a vampire too!

I probably shouldn't have but I couldn't resist with his tongue
out like that!

The first one that I did.

Chelsea didn't like hers so she did her own, personally,
I think the hairy lip I gave her was funny!

Another one that Chels did, still gorgeous!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

We've had a fairly good soccer season this year. It seems long and I'm sooooo ready for it to be over but it has been a good season.

The Highschoolers wearing their pink socks for Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Kylee made the HS team again, on JV. She was super duper ill during the tryouts and we feel very blessed that she had a spot reserved for on the team. That girl eat, lives and breathes soccer, has ever since she first began to play! The JV team is doing very good this year. They have had a lot of wins which makes the whole season even more fun for everyone. Success is always good.

Chelsea's team had a bit of a rough season this year. There was a lot of AYSO Drama which kind of ruined the season for everyone. The began with a good strong coach who ended up with a bit of a falling out with the administration. They had a foster coach and then an adoptive coach, all good and capable but the kids went through so many different coaches and coaching techniques that it took them a long while to be able to mesh together as a team. As a result, they have managed to lose every game this season. At least they are consistent! They had the best team color, Neon green and they were called The Slimers!

Yep, thats my Chelsea #12

Madison belongs to the Deep Sea Dangers. They have had a good season. They have only lost 3 times thus far, twice to the team with a no loss streak and once to the team that has also lost to the #1 team. The Deep Sea Dangers beat them the first time around putting themselves and the yellow team in 2nd place. This will make a lot more sense when I get names to the other teams. Any ways, a not on husbands not listening to their wives and wives not being more explicit in their instructions. Myles was told to meet the gal in charge of sign ups. She would be holding a meeting and all he had to do was turn in the paper work. He thought he was supposed to go to the meeting and got railroaded into coaching Maddies team. I was not thrilled with him coaching at first because we're sooooooo busy already, but I can honestly say, I am very proud of him. I knew that he would be an excellent coach and he has proved to everyone else that he is also. Myles is a great leader and he is really really good with the youth. So, actually, Madison and Myles belong to the Deep Sea Dangers. Some of our other kids are a bit jealous but we just tell them its because MadN is the FaVoRiTe!!!!!!

Gathering on the field to begin the game.

Good Job MadN, she had just tried for a score.

Go get it MadN

Mighty Coach Myles
Lindy's team was The Golden Scorpians. They started out strong completely wiping out their opponents in their first game and it was all down hill after that. They didn't win another single game. It was very very very discouraging for Lindy to say the least. She personally played an excellent season though. By the end she was beginning to learn to play with her teamates as a team and pass the ball ect. ect. instead of being the star. She was one of the teams strongest players this year. It was awesome to be on the sidelines and hear other parents from opposing teams yelling at their kid to watch out for number 2!

Britten had the same exact colors as last year! I couldn't believe it! Anyways this year his team was called the Red Dragons. Their banner turned out really cool, the best part about it was that I didn't have to make it!!!!! Britten was able to be on the team with his friend Benjamin which was awesome!

 Britten is definately benefiiting from having older sisters play soccer. He picks up a lot of techniques from playing with and watching his sisters that are definately not taught at this level! His favorite and most impressive is definately the backwards kick. He'll step over the ball as its coming to him and then wack it backwards towards his goal. Its a move to get the ball turned around without the big U turn that usually gets stolen by the other team. Its pretty awesome to see.
When Myles is not coaching he's watching and entertaining little boys. We usually don't bring them to the field with us because theres sitters at home but once in a while we have to. As you can tell most everyone is hot, tired and ready to go home.

Here's Allen retrieving Myles hat after Clayton threw it into the field.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nothing Says "I'm Sorry" Like a Lick in the Eye

Clayton is a very mean, tempermental and horrible brother at times. When Allen grows up I really hope he whops his big brother a good one! I'm trying really hard to make sure that Clayton understands that its not right to hurt his little brother just because he is mad. So the last time that Clay pushed his brother down I stood them both together and told Clayton to look his brother in the eye and tell him sorry and I love you. Naturally Clay did not want to humble himself down enough to do this, or so I thought was the case. After I repeated my instructions a few more times, insisting that Clayton do as he was asked, Clay obliged by licking Allen on the eye.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

15 on 10-10-10

Kylee turned 15 this year. It would just be wrong of us to not go with the theme 10-10-10! I mean, hey, what a cool birthday!!!!! We had quite a blast discussing how too bad she wasn't 10 on 10-10-10 and born at 10:00 and you can imagine, the hypotheticals went on and on. I do think its cool how she's 15 on 10-10-10 because 5 is half of 10, 15 is after 10 counting by 5's and other math wonders that I can't remember what its all called and how its all related but anyways, its just cool! I made an attempt to make my own fondant and we had it colored black so that the colors would really stand out but alas, my attempt failed. I made the fondant, it was black, it tasted pretty good but after mixing all of that black into it it was soooooo dry that I couldn't roll it out and adding water to it was not working and I became frustrated and chucked it into the trash. Which really was a pretty good place for it. The cake still turned out ok. Kylee loves bright colors. The brighter the better.
I still have a hard time believing that my little Ky Pie is 15. She just doesn't seem old enough to be 15. I don't know why. Maybe because I still remember her as that sweet little snuggly baby with the crazy black hair going all over the place like it was yesterday. Kylee is a very fun kid and I have thouroughly enjoyed watching her grow up. She is her own person with her own likes, sense of style, thought process ect. ect. and it has been a blast watching her hit every phase of growing up and becoming a beautiful, intelligent young lady.

She's always been a bit of a ham for the camera, at least at home. Out and about with her peers shes a bit quieter, a lot quieter actually until she gets to know you and becomes comfortable being herself with you, then watch out! You're in for a huge crazy surprise! Kylee is always very sincere, if she says something she feels it. She doesn't do or say things just to put on a show. I love that about her.  She's not very domestic as far as cooking and cleaning and crafts go, but she fulfills a part in our family that no other can and is very helpful in her own way. I love how she loves to participate in sports. She's very good at everything that she does and its a joy to watch her. It's kind of sad on my part really, because I go to games to watch her, I don't know who the other players are or what they've done during the game, all I see is my Ky. To me, she's the star of the field or court or wherever she's at.
What can I say, I have an awesome daughter named Ky Pie Pumpkin Pie!