Sunday, October 10, 2010

15 on 10-10-10

Kylee turned 15 this year. It would just be wrong of us to not go with the theme 10-10-10! I mean, hey, what a cool birthday!!!!! We had quite a blast discussing how too bad she wasn't 10 on 10-10-10 and born at 10:00 and you can imagine, the hypotheticals went on and on. I do think its cool how she's 15 on 10-10-10 because 5 is half of 10, 15 is after 10 counting by 5's and other math wonders that I can't remember what its all called and how its all related but anyways, its just cool! I made an attempt to make my own fondant and we had it colored black so that the colors would really stand out but alas, my attempt failed. I made the fondant, it was black, it tasted pretty good but after mixing all of that black into it it was soooooo dry that I couldn't roll it out and adding water to it was not working and I became frustrated and chucked it into the trash. Which really was a pretty good place for it. The cake still turned out ok. Kylee loves bright colors. The brighter the better.
I still have a hard time believing that my little Ky Pie is 15. She just doesn't seem old enough to be 15. I don't know why. Maybe because I still remember her as that sweet little snuggly baby with the crazy black hair going all over the place like it was yesterday. Kylee is a very fun kid and I have thouroughly enjoyed watching her grow up. She is her own person with her own likes, sense of style, thought process ect. ect. and it has been a blast watching her hit every phase of growing up and becoming a beautiful, intelligent young lady.

She's always been a bit of a ham for the camera, at least at home. Out and about with her peers shes a bit quieter, a lot quieter actually until she gets to know you and becomes comfortable being herself with you, then watch out! You're in for a huge crazy surprise! Kylee is always very sincere, if she says something she feels it. She doesn't do or say things just to put on a show. I love that about her.  She's not very domestic as far as cooking and cleaning and crafts go, but she fulfills a part in our family that no other can and is very helpful in her own way. I love how she loves to participate in sports. She's very good at everything that she does and its a joy to watch her. It's kind of sad on my part really, because I go to games to watch her, I don't know who the other players are or what they've done during the game, all I see is my Ky. To me, she's the star of the field or court or wherever she's at.
What can I say, I have an awesome daughter named Ky Pie Pumpkin Pie!


  1. Why are there 10s all over her 15th birthday cake???

  2. Because her birthday was on 10-10-10. I have finally added the words to my blog so if you look at it again, you will understand!