Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vote for Maddie or You'll be Saddy

Maddison is running for the Student Body Class President. He mom and dad are so proud of her. We think its an amazing opportunity for her and are sooooo excited that she is brave enough to give it a go!
Here we are with her campaign posters

and her more than willing to help proud brother and sister.

Her friend Kiley is running for Treasurer.

Good Luck to both of you!
It was a week and 1/2 long campaign and there were so many kids running for offices that they school ended up doing a Primary Election first.  Posters were hung on Monday and Speeches along with campaign promises were made in each classroom on Friday.
The good news.......Maddie made it through the Primaries. She now only had to compete with Mike Richardson and Alyssa Stockard for the Presidential seat.

Her campaign slogans were

Vote For Maddie or You'll be Saddy


Be Glad Vote Mad

Maddie V for President

Pretty cute!!!!

 Her speech was short and sweet and to the point. She did a great job even though her brothers were very noisy and less than cooperative. Right as she was standing up Clayton knocked a chair down and while she was speaking Allen preceeded to walk on the chair several times, noise, noise, noise! To say that I was a bit embarrassed is putting it mildy!

In the end Alyssa won Student Body Class President, but I tell ya, Myles and I are very proud of our MadN for running. That took courage.

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