Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who Said Boyfriends Are Bad News?

Boyfriends bad news? Are you kidding? With a house full of daughters and just little boys to do the guy work, the girls boyfriends have been most helpful. There have been a few times that we just down right don't know how we would have managed without the girls boy friends around to help out! I know from personal experience that Zach and his brother Max were heaven sent when they agreed to come over and help Myles cut pigs. Holding those pigs at 40-70 lbs is hard work for us girls to do. Bad news you say, I say heroes!!!!!
Zach, Minnie's boyfriend and his brother Max holding one of the boars while Myles turns it into a barrow
pig ears anyone?

Or how about some gonads? Looks yummy doesn't it.

Clayton felt the need to protect his bounty.

Poor babies, you just gotta feel bad for them.:( I don't mean Zach and Max.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day in the Morning

The first view of Christmas morning.

The first thing that we open is our stocking. Clayton was especially happy with his dinosaurs and animals that were in his stocking with his candy.

Then on to opening presents. At Allens age, he doesn't just tear into the gifts like theres no tomorrow. He takes off just a little bit at a time turning around to look and see what everyone else is doing. Then on back to his gift.

This truck turned out to be a big hit with Him. This was the first thing that Allen opened and there really wasn't a need for Santa to leave any other gifts!

Lindy baby got A LOT of art supplies. She loves to do art so all is well.

Britten has his first remote control truck. He had a blast with this all day.

Roar!!!! Clayton loved all and I do mean all of his presents. We had one very happy little boy I can tell you.

MadN has a pretty new dress.

As Clayton would say has he throws his hands up into the air and smacks himself on the head "Great! Now Kylee can spend even more time getting ready every morning! "

Santa tricked Natash by wrapping her necklace in a tampon box, oh, maybe that was me.

Well, Chelsea is obviously very happy with her red T-shirt!

To be continued..........

Friday, December 24, 2010

Silent Night.... Not at Our House Baby!

We began the eveing with a naked Santa! Allen has been in the habit of taking his own clothes off every chance he gets and he found this hat somewhere around the house. He was so funny, he'd run down the hallway and back, take off the hat and study it, put it back on and begin all over again. When I got the camera out he became an instant ham standing there saying "Cheese" for me with his quiet little husky voice. He's sooo awesome!
When I finally got everything done for our Traditional Christmas Eve dinner we all sat down and enjoyed everyones company and ate. Minnie came over with Zack and his brother Max and their mom Kim. As soon as some of us were done eating they began to pester us intensely about opeing our Christmas eve gift.

Everyone was very excited and dug right in.
They always know that they're going to get a pair of PJ's

It's just a matter of what kind of PJ's!

Some of us are feeling a bit shy tonight, of just tired from all of her basketball activities.

Christmas is the funnest with the little ones.
(yes, funnest IS a word, I use it everyday!) 

All Allen did was carry his present around, swing it around and look at it. He thought it was pretty awesome!

Then he noticed everyone else was opening theirs and finding something inside so he gave it a try! When he opened his he kind of looked at it like, whatever and went on his way until......

He noticed  that everyone was changing their clothes and putting on the things that were in the packages.He promptly carried his PJ's over to his mamma and said "MEEE"

So, while Clayton was jumping around like Scooby Doo so that we'd all know that he could do all that Scooby does Allen was getting dressed in his little woofers.

And of course, monkey see monkey do, Allen wants to burn his pretty wrapping too!

Even Zack got a pair (aren't those girls quite fair!)

And he did comply wearing his jammies to join us for the night.

Here's Chelsea Brooke with a widening grin as she sits on the chair and spins spins spins!
This year we had one more treat, one from MiMi for us all to enjoy, we opened the package and found an Apple game for all to play.

So While we ate and played and enjoyed each others company on this eve of all eves it was quite apparent that someone had had way too many sweets!

After videoing Allen for a 5 minute stretch we all said good night and sent the kids to bed. After all Myles and I didn't want to be up all night!


All Buttered Up

I was busy at the desk taking care of last minute details in order to get the Christmas cards all in the mail. I heard Allen in the dining room pounding and patting, but I honestly didn't give it much thought, afterall, he was happpily playing and entertaining himself and I was busy. Myles walks in the door and exlaims "Who is watching the baby?" My first clue that all may not be well. I leave my tasks and go in to see whats going on and I discover that my butter which I left on the table to thaw for baking was indeed at room tempature and completley unuseable. Allen on the other hand was very proud of himself and gladly smiled while saying "Cheese" which actually sounds more like "PeeeeZ".

I had to shampoo his hair several times to get the butter out and it had a nice glossy finish when we were done.

I was even able to get the butter out of his clothes without any grease stains. All in all, it was not an entirely bad experience.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lindy Baby is 10!

10 things we like about you......
1. You're beautiful
2. You're very talented with your art, I enjoy your pictures.
3. You sing pretty
4. You're a good reader and you get good grades, that makes me proud
5. I love your sense of style, its all your own.
6. You can be a good sister.
7. You know what is right and you have a desire in your heart to follow Heavenly Fathers commandments.
8. You like to tell stories.
9. You like to spend time with your mom and dad and thats special to us.
10. You are a good athlete and we enjoy watching you participate in activities.
Lindy got to sort of have 2 birthdays so to speak. On her actual birthday Clayton and I made cupcakes and took them and a balloon in to her classroom to enjoy with her classmates and teachers. I've always wanted to make these cupcakes and I finally got around to it. They turned out pretty cute and the kids loved them.

Clayton and my princess
On the 17th we had her birthday party. It was a somewhat busy and crazy day. It had snowed allllll day long so the roads were a bit slick, plus we had the missionaries coming over for dinner on top of Lindy's sleepover skating party.
Lindy with her friends Courtney and Tiffany. We found out that Tiffany has the same birthday as me!
This was a pretty fun cake to make. Lindy picked out the colors a year ago, but last year was a hectic time for us with sick kids and all so we had to hold off on her birthday party until this year. She was pretty excited when she saw it.

She got them all, there were no trick candles this time around.

There was a lot of cake for us all to eat. We tried to make the cake blue inside but I was out of blue, it ended up being green instead. It tasted good no matter what color it was.
Tiffany gave her an awesome tie dye kit. She is super excited to get some shirts made!

Dad and I got her a yellow hoodie from aeropostale. I discovered that her favorite colors were yellow and bright green. So refreshing from pink and purple! We also got her a bag that we had to exchange for a better one, she ended up with a bright yellow Jan Sport bag that she is perfectly happy with. She also has a new pair of rollerblades that we had to get later because the roads were too bad for me to make it to Reno. It was rumored that there were 11 wrecks on I80 and my friend trying to get to the dentist ended up turning around and coming home after an 1 1/2 wait, so it was much better to give a late gift than try to get to town!

Courtney gave her an awesome CTR ring. Lindy wears it everyday. I'm really proud of how well she has taken care of it.

We also got her a soccer ball. It is highly coveted in this house! Minnie gave her a coloring kit, it was pretty cool with all kinds of different art materials such as pastels, paint, crayons, markers ect.
Afterwards we went rollerskating where Courtney was the pro and the teacher. Lindy and Tiff had never been before. Lindy took off with it, she had no fear. Tiff took a bit longer but got it down and all had fun. Even me and Chelsea skated. I didn't pick it up as fast as I usually do, a sure sign that I'm getting old. Afterwards Tiff went home :( while Courtney spent the night. The girls were up till super late while they watched 2 movies. The next day we finally got around to doing the pinatta. It was not as sturdy as we thought and broke after only the 4th person. The snow on the otherhand, pretty much all gone by 3:00 p.m.!