Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Last year our tree was red and gold, this year we added some green to it and it turned out pretty awesome. Of course there's the pink pig and the soccer ball and a few other ornaments that don't match our color scheme but to me a tree should say something about the people living in the home in which it stands. So, I like having the few unmatching ornaments that say something about us.
 Natasha was sick the night that we decorated and she flat out refused to be in the photo. I can't say that I blame her. However our picture is looking a little empty. Minnie was at work and didn't want to join us for tree decorating so there you are, only 7 of the 9. Amazing how the absence of 2 makes it all look a bit empty. It seems strange and somehow not right to go about our family traditions when a child is missing, even though the only reason that they're missing is because they have grown up and flown the nest. We can't skip all of our traditions and family events just because the grown child can't make it but it somehow seems not right and just a little bit empty having them gone. I guess this is all part of the growing up process, for mom's and dad's as well as children.
Doesn't Myles look extremely excited to be here!
As perfect as our tree was to begin with, to me there was something missing. I really wanted red beaded garland. I just knew that would do complete the whole tree. I looked and looked and couldn't find any anywhere. It was getting very late in the season so I had pretty much given up and had decided that next year I'll start looking early. Well, one day I just happened to go into a new craft store near our home and they had my beaded garland on one of their display tree. So I looked through the store and nope, no beaded garland for sale. The store clerk then let me know that there was a 40% off sale on all Christmas decorations and I told him thats great but the only thing I want is on that tree right there. He took down the garland for me! I was super excited, I had my red beaded garland. But I only had 4 strands and our tree at home was bigger than the store display. Well, the next day I found 2 more strands for $.75 at the thrift store! I got home and put my tree together and of course, it was just the look I was going for. Now my tree was perfect!

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