Friday, December 24, 2010

Silent Night.... Not at Our House Baby!

We began the eveing with a naked Santa! Allen has been in the habit of taking his own clothes off every chance he gets and he found this hat somewhere around the house. He was so funny, he'd run down the hallway and back, take off the hat and study it, put it back on and begin all over again. When I got the camera out he became an instant ham standing there saying "Cheese" for me with his quiet little husky voice. He's sooo awesome!
When I finally got everything done for our Traditional Christmas Eve dinner we all sat down and enjoyed everyones company and ate. Minnie came over with Zack and his brother Max and their mom Kim. As soon as some of us were done eating they began to pester us intensely about opeing our Christmas eve gift.

Everyone was very excited and dug right in.
They always know that they're going to get a pair of PJ's

It's just a matter of what kind of PJ's!

Some of us are feeling a bit shy tonight, of just tired from all of her basketball activities.

Christmas is the funnest with the little ones.
(yes, funnest IS a word, I use it everyday!) 

All Allen did was carry his present around, swing it around and look at it. He thought it was pretty awesome!

Then he noticed everyone else was opening theirs and finding something inside so he gave it a try! When he opened his he kind of looked at it like, whatever and went on his way until......

He noticed  that everyone was changing their clothes and putting on the things that were in the packages.He promptly carried his PJ's over to his mamma and said "MEEE"

So, while Clayton was jumping around like Scooby Doo so that we'd all know that he could do all that Scooby does Allen was getting dressed in his little woofers.

And of course, monkey see monkey do, Allen wants to burn his pretty wrapping too!

Even Zack got a pair (aren't those girls quite fair!)

And he did comply wearing his jammies to join us for the night.

Here's Chelsea Brooke with a widening grin as she sits on the chair and spins spins spins!
This year we had one more treat, one from MiMi for us all to enjoy, we opened the package and found an Apple game for all to play.

So While we ate and played and enjoyed each others company on this eve of all eves it was quite apparent that someone had had way too many sweets!

After videoing Allen for a 5 minute stretch we all said good night and sent the kids to bed. After all Myles and I didn't want to be up all night!


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