Friday, December 24, 2010

All Buttered Up

I was busy at the desk taking care of last minute details in order to get the Christmas cards all in the mail. I heard Allen in the dining room pounding and patting, but I honestly didn't give it much thought, afterall, he was happpily playing and entertaining himself and I was busy. Myles walks in the door and exlaims "Who is watching the baby?" My first clue that all may not be well. I leave my tasks and go in to see whats going on and I discover that my butter which I left on the table to thaw for baking was indeed at room tempature and completley unuseable. Allen on the other hand was very proud of himself and gladly smiled while saying "Cheese" which actually sounds more like "PeeeeZ".

I had to shampoo his hair several times to get the butter out and it had a nice glossy finish when we were done.

I was even able to get the butter out of his clothes without any grease stains. All in all, it was not an entirely bad experience.

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