Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Ward Christmas party and Santa Claus

There was a bit of a damper on this years Christmas party. We all tried to do our best to make the event festive and merry like a Christmas party should be, but the absence or our Beloved Bishop weighed heavily on our minds. Earlier in the day the Priesthood had a wood cutting service activity and a tree fell, hit another tree and turned the wrong way landing on our Bishop. He was life flighted to Reno where he had surgery to remove his spleen and was discovered to have a broken back and many broken ribs. His blessed wife was told at this point that it was a miracle that he had lived because usually a blow like that causes the artieries to detach from the heart causing death. She has been told repeatedly over the last few days that its a miracle that he's alive because of this and that. We as members of his ward are truly grateful that he's alive and healing well. It turned out that the muscles in his back where the ribs were broken are shredded which is the reason for much of the swelling.
The primary children put on a very nice program for us. Clayton is more than ready to graduate from nursery and join the older kids in primary. We let him join the primary for the program and he was very obedient. He didn't cause any problems or get rowdy at all. It was very cute!

Madison and her dolly were Mary and the baby Jesus again and this year Lindy was a star. They both did great, even Lindy who is usually very nervous to be up in public like this.

She smiled beautifully and did very well throughout the program.

Santa Time!!!!

Clayton was one of the first in line to see Santa. He had been looking forward to this moment for days!

He was very talkative and told Santa many things.

It was a very sweet moment to observe.

 Talk Talk Talk and Santa very patiently listened to all that was said. Funny how kids can be so shy and scared to talk to strangers but will pour their hearts out to Santa.
Allen was unsure of this bearded man in red from the beginning.............

as soon as he turned his head and saw me he broke down and cried. Needless to say, I did not get a picture of Allen looking at the camera with while on Santa's lap. Too funny!

MadN as cute and sweet as ever.

LineE being herself. What a cutie!
Britten didn't make it to the ward party this year. He was throwing a fit about changing his clothes so we left him home.

Heres Clayton enjoying his Christmas treat from Santa while trying to sneak in to see him again.

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