Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who Said Boyfriends Are Bad News?

Boyfriends bad news? Are you kidding? With a house full of daughters and just little boys to do the guy work, the girls boyfriends have been most helpful. There have been a few times that we just down right don't know how we would have managed without the girls boy friends around to help out! I know from personal experience that Zach and his brother Max were heaven sent when they agreed to come over and help Myles cut pigs. Holding those pigs at 40-70 lbs is hard work for us girls to do. Bad news you say, I say heroes!!!!!
Zach, Minnie's boyfriend and his brother Max holding one of the boars while Myles turns it into a barrow
pig ears anyone?

Or how about some gonads? Looks yummy doesn't it.

Clayton felt the need to protect his bounty.

Poor babies, you just gotta feel bad for them.:( I don't mean Zach and Max.


  1. Sorry, but that really grosses me out. :( I love living in the country and farming but some "farmer" things (animal stuff), I don't ever want anything to do with. I'm a wimp, but I just can't handle it. :P

  2. I know what you mean. Myles wants me to learn to cut the pigs while he holds them because its too hard for me to hold them sometimes, I told him No Way!!!!