Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day in the Morning

The first view of Christmas morning.

The first thing that we open is our stocking. Clayton was especially happy with his dinosaurs and animals that were in his stocking with his candy.

Then on to opening presents. At Allens age, he doesn't just tear into the gifts like theres no tomorrow. He takes off just a little bit at a time turning around to look and see what everyone else is doing. Then on back to his gift.

This truck turned out to be a big hit with Him. This was the first thing that Allen opened and there really wasn't a need for Santa to leave any other gifts!

Lindy baby got A LOT of art supplies. She loves to do art so all is well.

Britten has his first remote control truck. He had a blast with this all day.

Roar!!!! Clayton loved all and I do mean all of his presents. We had one very happy little boy I can tell you.

MadN has a pretty new dress.

As Clayton would say has he throws his hands up into the air and smacks himself on the head "Great! Now Kylee can spend even more time getting ready every morning! "

Santa tricked Natash by wrapping her necklace in a tampon box, oh, maybe that was me.

Well, Chelsea is obviously very happy with her red T-shirt!

To be continued..........

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