Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pig Weigh In Day

Gives a whole new meaning to sun bathing doesn't it!
Heres the bulk of the girls show pigs. These are all of the ones that are the same size and need to be pushed to get up to the right weight.
This red belted one is Lindy's. She always talks about wanting a red pig and we had the opportunity to get her one. This one is pretty special however, it's Donnie's prize red gilt. I want to keep her forever!
I know I'm not as cute as Babe but give me a smooch anyways!

Trying to get those pigs out of their pens is like pulling teeth sometimes. All I can say is that Myles has way more patience with pigs than the rest of us.
Go get em Maddie
Come Chelsea, get after those pigs slow poke!
Well, we've got one in.
If Clayton would move out of the way we'd probably get the rest in. He actually thought that he was helping, I told him to move so he ran up into the horse trailer.

We finally got them all rounded up.

This was our first opportunity for the girls to choose their pigs. We already knew who got the red one, Chelsea chose the spotted one. Myles chose for Natasha because she was super sick in bed and Minnie got what was left because she overslept and never showed up. Kylee chose the super big one that we have to hold back in order to be able to have a good pig for the Fallon show.

At the official 4-H weigh in the pigs are taken to the fair grounds and weighed on a certified scale in order to record the starting weight of each kids 4-H project.
Minnie's pig weighed in at 83#, Natasha's at 104#

Kylee's at 157#, Chelsea's at 93#

Madison's at 92# and Lindy's at 105#

After they are weighed in they are tagged.
So they come away looking all pretty with their new piercings.
In the meantime ...............
While Myles is busy helping everyone else with their pigs the kids are left to entertain themselves.
Do you wanna kiss?
S M O O O O C H!
Clayton spends a lot of spare time with Myles, Its a lot easier on me that way.
A Classic look.
while Kylee jams out to her ?phone???
And then theres Chelsea, just hanging out amongst all of the chaos!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Fun Center

On Presidents Day we told the kids that if they worked hard all morning and got the things on our list taken care of then we would go to the Family Fun Center. They were super excited and worked hard. We accomplished a lot that day towards getting the yard cleaned up from winter and getting the inside of the house straightened out. The place looked GREAT!
Kylee and clay picking out a ball.

So, just like we promised we packed Myles up and the kids and headed out to Fernley.
The girls setting up their balls and the game board.

Clayton and Britten got wrist bands for the play center while the rest of us bowled. 
Myles taking care of business as usual
 and Chelsea the stud muffin

Allen did a little bit of both.


Allen is very lucky that he didn't get his little toes crushed. He was quite insistent on bowling with us, I can't beleive how strong he is. He could pick up the balls and carry them around! While grunting and pleading for "Hap, Hap, Hap Me!"

The real race was on between Myles and Maddie, they had the highest scores with Kylee, Chelsea and Natasha after them.

For fun Kylee used the little kid thing to bowl with.

As for me, I don't bowl so well. That's ok with me, I don't do things to win but to have fun. I actually gave several of my turns to the little boys, Clayton and Allen.

Britten spent the whole time in the play center. He loved it!

The cannon is shooting balls up into the air.

Maddie watching and waiting while Myles is on his phone again

All in all, it was a good productive day followed up with good family fun.