Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's the Cwappy Kid

It is quite apparent that we have not in fact minded our P's and Q's very well. But, at least Allen does have a full understanding of what c**p is!

Story number 1: One day Allen had diarhea, the kind that is not held well in a diaper. I had just changed him so its not like he had a 10# diaper on with no more absorbancy. As he went #2 yet again, it ran down his leg and as he bends down to see what is going on he then exclaims "Ahhhh cwap!" So funny!

Story number 2, yes, its about another #2!: I was asleep on the couch while the big girls were supposedly watching the little ones. I hear Allen running around the house saying "Cwap, Cwap, Cwap". As soon as my brain registers what is going on I jump up thinking that he's spread poo all over. It turns out I was almost right. He had taken off his pants, speared a log onto a stick and was showing everyone. At least thats what I think he was doing. A Day in the life of a 2 year old, they keep you hopping! And cleaning!

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