Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kylee and the JV Basketball Team

Kylee made the JV basketball team this year. I'm so glad that she did. She loves Basketball and after her horible coach in CA. Coach Barton is an angel. Plus he really knows how to coach! He actually took the time to teach the girls how to play the game instead of putting them on the court and telling them to play.

It's amazing how fast Kylee can move out there on the basketball court. If you're not careful you'll completley lose track of her.

I had a lot of fun going to games for Kylee this year. I even traveled to a few which was great! Thankfully Clayton and Allen were pretty good at the games so that I was able to watch and I had a few angels step in and help from time to time.

Our JV Basketball cheerleaders.

Kylee almost made a basket but was fouled and her shot went awry.

She got to do her free throw after being fouled on.

It was amazing to see how the team had progressed from the beginning of the season to the end. By the end of the year we were winning the majority of the time. The last loss that we sustained we lost by 1 point and I heard there was some dirty dealing during that game, the other team was trying to get back at us for kicking their coach out of our gym for harrassing and name calling of our girls. Who's to say that was the actual reason that we lost!?! Either way, no matter how bad the reffing and what not was, we held with them the entire time and only lost by one point. We're AWESOME! What can I say!

Coach Barton giving instruction.

Water break

One of her away games in Fernley, we won of course!

 Clayton is really into taking pictures lately. Here is one of his pictures that I didn't have to delete!

 The Girls had a GREAT season. They learned a lot and became very competetive and good basketball players. I can't wait until next year!

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