Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Concerts

 On my birthday we celebrated by going to Britten and Lindy's Christmas concert. They did a great job and they looked sooooo adorable. I'm so proud of my munchins!
Lindy Baby with her hair flower, she's soooo pretty!

My Handsome B. He loves to dress up in his suit and tie. I hope the trend continues!

My munchkins in their Christmas outfits.

Britten singing and being reverent.

I know this shot is blurry but I loved the picture of him singing.

Lindy being nervous.

She did a great job and looked beautiful while doing it.

The whold 3rd grade.

                                                                     Crazy boy!

Wearing the hats that some teachers and parents spent many endless hours putting together in order for our concerters to look their bestest! So cute!

On December 20th Chelsea had her Strings Concert at the HS. The auditorium is really really really small for a school our size so you have to get there super early if you want a seat. For Britten and Lindy's concert most of us were left standing for the concert. Here is Chelsea preconcert talking very animatedly with her friend.

It was fun to see her interacting with her friends.

 Chelsea plays the violin, here she is warming up.
It was an awesome concert. I loved it and they did a great job! Truly a Christmas treat.


  1. I love Christmas Concerts! It's nice that the teachers care enough to make them special. :)

  2. The teachers put a lot of work into this one thats for sure. I can't imagine making those cowboy hats was easy plus the hankerchief! Thats one thing I LOVE about this school district, the teachers care.