Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a Monsters Birthday!

Clayton is now officially 4! Thankfully this difficult sweet little boy is growing up, maturing and gaining a better understanding of things. If I didn't see progress I would lose all hope in being his mother and give up! 
Clayton on his actual birthday was in a bad mood from the get go. He just woke up grumpy and it didn't matter that it was his birthday he was not going to be happy. To top it off the cake fell to pieces when I attempted to decorate it and I had to begin all over again and it was a very busy night with mutual and Myles Priesthood meetings. Needless to say I called it a night and told Minnie to come back the next morning. Myles had a lot to do to get ready for the pig sale and wanted to leave early so we celebrated Clay's birthday at 8 in the morning the next day. I'm so glad we did, he woke up happy and joyful and very excited to see his cake and presents all laid out for him.
For some reason he felt a continual need to pose for the camera. Very interesting.

The burn on his face is from him trying to peek into a hot pan that had just came out of the oven and he got a little too close! Ouchie!

Yes, now we watch Scooby Doo AND Go Diego Go! ALOT!!!!!!!

Allen is monkey see monkey do, if my brother can do it than I can too!

Everyone was in a party type of mood for being soooo early in the morning!

 We're ready to open presents and here is Clayton posing again!

The first present, I wonder what it is????

Gasp! Boots! Yay!

Hmmmm, I wonder what this could be..........

It was soooo fun to watch Clayton open his presents, the excitement and joy at what's inside just warms your heart and makes you think, this is part of what having kids is about, childhood joys! As mom I get the front seat!

Clayton's most favorite thing!

Clayton's 2nd most favorite thing, candy!

He also got a car race track, a new coat and........

A ball of pudding and gummy worms from MiMi!

I see another little person interested in this present!!!

Again, back to the posing!

His new coat came just in time, his other one has a broken zipper and so he doesn't like to wear it because it's tooo cold he says.

Lookin spiffy!

Cake time!

Clayton likes very much to cut things like cake and brownies up, thank goodness dad was here this time to lend a hand!

I tell you, cake for breakfast, as yummy as that sounds, not a good plan!
 Overall, Clayton and the rest of the family had a very good Birthday Celebration. Cake may not have been the best thing for breakfast but good quality family time is!!!!

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