Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Night Out With the Hewes

We thouroughly enjoyed having the Hewes, Donnie and Sandra and Tex come to visit for the Pig Sale. The first night they were here we were finally able to treat them to a night out at La Fiesta. Something that was a long time in coming! We had a great evening and really enjoyed the company of dear friends.  After the pig show Donnie and Sandra and Tex took our whole family out to pizza and then onto swimming and the hot tub at their hotel. I can tell you it was a perfect ending to a very long and tireing day!Allen loves the water. He couldn't get enough of it!

Kylee is always soooo good with the little ones.



Ky Pie

In the hot tub

Donnie after he wet his pants

The kids having fun

Pretty as a picture

Look at me!

Fun Fun Fun

Nice cheesy grin Chels

LinEe Poo

As long as he gets to swim Allen doesn't care who has him.

Musical sisters!

Hooray for me!

Sandra and I

Look! It's the Loch Ness Monster!

I'm willing to bet that they're discussing pigs!

Myles and Donnie

And YES! I am all that!

Me bad!

Ta Ta being a good sister.

Silly Sisters

Looking good Donnie

Nice one Myles, you're as bad as the kids

We all Love Tex!

Pretty as two peas in a pod


My handsome man


You'd never guess that the tv was on

Being grumpy, its been a long day!


Sandra, beautiful as usual

Yes, I'm very tired and not looking my best.

What a cutie

Now you know why there are soooo many crazy pictures

Donnie and Sandra, our last picture of them together.

Time to say Good Bye!
If I had known that this would be our last visit with Donnie there would have been much more said than Good bye. I left them that evening very happy having had a wonderful visit and looking forward to seeing them both in April for our pig show. It really was a wonderful visit. The kids had a great time, Myles and I had a great time and I'm hoping that the Hewes had a great time. We caught up on each others lives, shared laughs and memories. Ooooooh and Awwwed over the latest grandbaby that had been born that day and just overall had a wonderful time. We left feeling fulfilled, happy and full of love and gratitude for dear friends. Donnie passed away just a few weeks later much to our shock and disbelief. I hope that Donnie knows how much I love and appreciate him. He was a huge help to me and my children while Myles was away. I honestly could not have made it with out him. I appreciate the interest he takes in my children. Even though he drove them nuts they knew that he did and said everything out of love and concern for them. They loved him. Losing Donnie was like losing a dear famiy member. To us he is more than a friend but truly is a brother and a Granfather. We love you Donnie. Life will never be the same without you. You are very missed. How lucky everyone on the other side of the veil is to have a wonderful friend and brother like you with them now.

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