Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chub Chub is 2!

He's looking more and more like a little boy everyday!

This is my attempt to make a dump truck cake. It may not have looked much like a dump truck but it sure tasted good!

In order to have his party when Myles and Minnie could both make it we had to do it at like 8:30 at night 4 days after his birthday. Well, on this particular day friends had stopped by and it was really hard to get Allen down for his nap, basically he didn't have one so he fell asleep around 7:30 and was not too excited when we woke him up!

He actually didn't seem to care about much of anything at the moment other than eating the frosting off the back of the cake!

Our friend Drake, who is 4, was sooo excited after we sang happy birthday that he blew out the candles for Allen. I made them relight them to try to give Allen a chance to blow them out himself, Myles finally did it.

It was really hard to keep an excited big brother from opening the presents for him.

Big brother has a tendency to be quite mean to Allen, as a result, Allen does not like Clayton touching him or his stuff. Thats also part of being 2!

This puzzle is one of the favorites around here, only they don't use it as a puzzle, they use it to run around the house and fix things.

At this point Allen was not too excited anymore......

He just wanted more cake!

Clayton was super excited about this, as you can kind of tell, Allen wasn't at the time. He now spends the majority of his day on the rider.

The most interesting part, a ball full of candy from MiMi!

So far she has upstaged me at every birthday! I hope she keeps up the good work!

Allen was super excited about the rider!

Poor Allen, all he really wanted to do was crawl up on his MiMi's lap and go to sleep!

Of course after everyone left and went to bed the sugar kicked in and I was up with the little turkey for another couple of hours! He did have fun with his ball and his rider though!

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