Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Puppy and a What? and A What?

The thing about being 18 is you can make your own choices even when you know your parents would like you to make a different choice. I hope that all of my children know that even when they make choices that we're not real happy about them making, we still love them. We love you Each and Every Day no matter WHAT!
Minnie with her puppy Dyln

A few months after Minnie moved out she calls up and asks me if she can get a puppy. I must say it felt good to say what I said, and yes, I knew what she was getting at. I said "Sure, you don't live at my house, you can do whatever you want." She then asks, well, If I got a puppy could I keep it at your house. Myles response was "If you keep a dog at my house then that makes it my dog and I don't want another dog." Needless to say , she got a puppy, named it Dyln and kept it at HER house!
At this same time, she came into the house and I saw some muck on her face so I tell her, "you have dirt on your face." She says no I don't. So I say, "yeah, right there above your lip, theres a big spot of dirt." Now keep in mind I'm in need of new glasses. So she says, no, thats not dirt. Now I get up and take a closer look and I see 'a piercing'! I must say, I'd prefer that she not have it, but she still looks super cute. Even with a hole in her face.
I know I know, I post waaaaaaayy too many pictures, but they're all so gorgeous, how can I choose just one?
Well, to add to this story which began November 14th, in January she shows up with, yes, a tatoo! It's not completely pointless though. It does state that she is a Type 1 diabetic and it has the medical cross emblem. Kids kids kids! This happened in January. I found out at Allen's birthday party.

It was given to her as a gift. Honestly, I can think of better gifts! ☺
Minnie and Zack

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