Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Tech Deck party!

Britten is totally into the Tech Deck thing this year. Last year Bakugans and this year Tech Decks! What is a Tech Deck you ask? Well I had to ask the same thing. They are little miniature skate boards that you use with, yes, your fingers. They are skate boards that you manuever and do tricks and the whole nine yards with your fingers! Insane I know but the kids love them.
Britten really wanted his dads favorite cake for his birthday which is the German Chocolate cake with the German Chocolate frosting. Thanks to his gramma and her inventive ideas he got what he wanted! A skateboard cake with the German Chocolate frosting he desired! Thanks Gramma! ☺

 He was very happy with his cake! Which makes me happy!

 Mamma's sweet handsome big boy!
 Every year the girls get a princess crown on their birthdays, it's sort of became a tradition. Well, you can't just get a princess crown for the boys, so last year I started making them kings crowns and decorating them accordingly. This year his crown has skate boards on it.

We realize of course that boys just can't wear crowns all of the time because that is kind of not the thing as they get older so next year for B we will be graduating to hats.

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