Saturday, May 15, 2010

Minnie, Zack, Prom

Prom was so exciting!!!!! First off I loved shopping for a dress with Minnie, she has such a good sense of style and what to wear to flatter her and what NOT to wear, thats an important thing to know! Except for the fact the the little boys were with us and were very tired and hungry and mostly tired, we had fun.
On top of that the prom couple decided that it would be a great idea to have their dinner with both sets of parents as Zacks house, he wanted to cook for us.
Isn't she Goregous!
It was awesome! Plus it saved them from having to drive all around showing each other off to their parents before prom, we were all right there with our cameras driving the teenagers crazy, as is our right.
 Plus we got to hear the story of  how Zack was so particular about his tux, he made sure that his tie matched Minnies dress, and then, when he was getting Minnie's corsage for her, he asked the clerk to see the ribbon so that he could make sure that the ribbon matched her dress exactly. Thats just so sweet! :)
We all watched as the boys held the doors for their girls and then, waving and smiling they all loaded up and drove off into the night for an evening of laughter, dancing and no curfew. Thats what you get when your parents know that you will make good choices! They reported the next morning, well it was actually afternoon, that they had a great time, they danced, they laughed, they didn't look at the decorations or even take notice that there were any, had their official prom picture taken, ate hor d vors and came home at a decent hour. All in all I think that is was a very successful evening and just as exciting for mom and dad, who were sending their first daughter off to prom, as it was for the couple going.
pictures to post soon

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