Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chelsea; Officially a Teenager

Chelsea is now 13 and growing up into quite the girl. She doesn't belch nearly as loudly nor as often as she used to and she's began dressing herself up a lot more. Naturally she doesn't need make up and fancy hair to look beautiful but as young ladies grow up they tend to beautify themselves up even more, accenting their natural beauty with some color and hairdos. Chelsea, besides being one of the fabulous cooks in the house and a natural with her little brothers is just awesome! She is learning to play the violin, still playing soccer and a top student with her grades and attendance. She makes a mother and father proud to call her daughter. Chelsea has bragging rights on the soccer field as not only being a great player but also as being the one in the family to get us all started in this great, fun, busy and competive sport, she's the soccer pioneer that turned us all into a Soccer family!
She went to Girls camp as a 2nd year this summer and had a blast at Mammoth Lakes. She enoys going to the temple with the youth, which is a choice that really makes me proud.All in all, shes's an awesome girl, her parents are proud of her and appreciate her sweet spirit, her company, and her sense of humor. We love you pink monster, you'll always be in our hearts!The only part of Chel Bell's cake that turned out well was the inside and the peace sign on the top. I was very disappointed with my tie dye as it didn't turn out at all and the purple just turned everything a muddy brown :(. I'm so sorry Chelsea, I wanted it to be awesome for you and it wasn't. ;{

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