Friday, June 4, 2010

Celebration Time, Come on! Celebration Time, Come on!

Yeeeaaaaa! Minnie made it! She graduated from High School and Myles and I just could not be more proud or excited for her. Congratulations Minnie, and welcome to the rest of your life  :)

We had a lot of fun planning the graduation party, we spent months getting things together and planning the decorations, dinner and cake. At least I had a lot of fun. Party planning is so totally my thing, I think that the planning is far more better than the actual party and this party was pretty AWESOME!
I was lucky enough to find green and white
at the $ store, so I could decorate and
be thrifty!
It was very green inside!
Thanks to the wind we had to keep our
decorating inside, still we had balloons
confetti, streamers and banners,
the works!

Minnie spent a lot of time not doing her collages, you know how it is, she is a procrastinator, always has been. Anyways, she didn't get her last one quite finished, that's OK, they turned out pretty good.
This collage begins at 0 and goes to age 1

These are the middle years
Some of her High School Career

Thanks to the wind our yard sign was moved indoors.

Natasha aided me with her time and talents by putting the tables and centerpieces together. Shes so awesome!
She takes a lot of her own pictures, this is one of my faves
I loved her graduation outfit! She looked great!

We spent a lot of time planning her cake and a lot of time finding the pictures to put on the cake. She wanted to have a picture of the first day of school for every year of her educational career. It was quite the task to accomplish this as my pictures are not all organized yet (I really don't know why ;}Hmmmm) I think that the cake overall turned out pretty good. I however, being the way that I am, could not bear to cut into my masterpiece for 2 days after her graduation. I used ALOT of chocolate frosting on the inside of the cake because I don't like decorators icing,  it was super super yummy!!!
I tried to get pictures of all sides so that we could see all of the pictures. We used the first day of school picture of her senior year for the topper on the cake. If I do a cake like this again, I will need to make all of the pictures the same size and shape so that the cake will be more uniform. It will look much better then, but hindsight is always more accurate information than foresight!

Now about the BBQ, We had a great time visiting with family and friends, cooking and eating. I was going to get a picture of the table full of food but everyone dug in before I had the chance! Which, hey, that s OK, I wanted everyone to have a good time and leave full! By the way, I could not have pulled this off with out the help of my amazing husband Myles, my awesome girls and boy, my loving devoted family and my wonderful sensational friends. Thank you thank you thank you one and all. They helped cook, clean, decorate, prepare food ect ect. They did it all while I decorated a cake. By the way, just so that you know, its really hard to have a graduation and do all of the end of year activities with your school kids, almost down right impossible I might add!
Little Jakey

The wind calmed down enough to hang out on the patio

Brad, Bella with Donna, Allie, Maria, Lilly

Tiffany, the kids had a good time playing on the swing set and
out in the field doing those things that kids do.

Clayton chowing down with his cat Midnight.

Chell Bell hanging out with grandma (not pictured)

Grandma hanging out with Chelsea (not pictured)

Kamie, Joely, and Kayla

The kids and I filling out grad cards for our friends, of course
we left them at home and they're still here, OOPS!

Natasha being Tasha, Beautiful isn't she????

Lauren and her sweet boy Ryder

Joely helping out with Allen

Allen likes climbing in and out of the doggie door, Cheap entertainment!

Minnie's friend Tori Barger who moved away to Idaho, she graduated
this year also.

Heather and Tyson

Brad and Kathryn

Scooters and pogo sticks......

Clayton, Luke and Eric on the swing set


Just swinging around


My brother Stacey and his youngest boy Korbin

Myles, just hanging out

I decorated Minnie's car PutPut with some window marker!

Going to get her diploma!
Here we are at the Graduation Ceremony. For as many kids as there are in the class, the graduation actually didn't take all that long, well, except for that one speaker........
Natasha White a friend from LES, they practically lived at each others homes!
Add caption

It was sooooo exciting to watch our baby walk by in her Graduation gown to her seat.
Add caption
2 Helicopters from base flew over us during the National Anthem

After listening to all of the windy speakers are kids were finally able to  receive their diplomas.
Zack, they moved so darn fast it was really hard for us to get a good shot. :(

The shaking of the hands
and then the hand off of the diploma and an award winning smile while posing for the camera.
Isn't she just so darn cute!
Natalie and Kerry sat with us in the main seating with mom and dad and Myles and I
Everyone else sat in the nosebleed section. Actually they didn't even get seats :( sorry guys, You're pretty good sports!
Proud parents with our magnificent daughter.
Daddy and Daughter, they were buds from the get go.
Its a mother daughter moment as well.
We're proud of you both.
Most of the gang!
We let the little kids stay home and babysit the even littler kids so that mom and dad could have some peace during the graduation, which I'm so glad that we did things that way, except for this moment, most of the family is missing. :( Its kind of an empty picture but still full of joy and pride!
Kamie and her girls
Grandma and Grandpa with their 2nd grandchild graduate!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for everything, we love and appreciate all that you are and do for our family!
Well, that's pretty much it for the night. Some people left early so we couldn't get photos of them with Minnie. Minnie headed off to her Grad Night and the rest of us headed home for a visit and then off to bed, after all, not everyone can stay up all night partying!!!!!

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  1. Minnie looks so cute in her graduation outfit! We were super bummed he couldn't make it. But, it looks like you had a blast! - Elisha & Kris