Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Virginia City

Virginia City is a favorite place for us to visit. For some reason however, we never make it over until our family comes down this visit being no excetptin. We were a little better prepared this time around and had food with us for the kidst to snack on. After I don't know how many trips to Walmart that morning we still managed to get out of the house at a decent time.

After arriving, parking and unloading we sunblocked everyone willing and geared up for the short very steep walk to main street where all of the action is.
MadN with her new boyfriend, he's so snugglie.

What a crew

Lindy in the process of slaying her prey

Britten is all about live and let live man.

I usually let Dad take the pictures because he loves to and I enjoy the extra time to spend with my family chatting and enjoying their company. We stopped at the little museum where the kids always go through while us adults stay outside and wait for them to come out. As soon as Clay exited he went over to the mining area and took a leak. He doesn't need privacy!

Allen really wanted in but I wouldn't be able to go after him
so he was stuck!

LinEE in front of the mill

LinEE in front of the miner with Gma in the background

Me and my Mom

Minnie and Monster

Clay standing on the rock he used as a relief area.
The kids love posing for pictures, what can I say, they're a bunch of hams! Between them and Gpa they're all pretty happy together.
MadN and B

LinEE and Clay

Mi Mi and Allen
I think that LinEE loves her Gpa

This is a good one of her!
Next we all got to pose with a donkey!

Allen was less than cooperative!

Which one is the arse and which one is with the arse?

Cooperation on all levels! Impressive!
Of course the good times couldn't last forever, Clayton was sited for public nudity and we were all thrown in the slammer! It's a bit disconcerting how happy everyone looks.   :)

It's your fault, no it's your fault, no it's not, yes it is.

Escape is futile.

We discovered a candy shop. It was so cool to see the kids eyes lighten up like Christmas morning! About that time Kamie who was off getting pictures taken with her kids called up and Dad went and got her little ones. They ran into some real live cowboys!

Caraleigh and Joely

All of us resting our feet outside the candy shop

 About the same time the big girls, of whom I sent off to explore on their own, showed up as well, we were all pretty much ready to go, except Kamie.

We got down to parking lot and waited and waited for Kamie to finish up with her photos so that we could all get out of dodge! The kids entertained themselves pretty well while we were waiting.

 After Kamie joined us she and Stacey decided to head to Reno to get some shopping done. The rest of us headed home and as soon as Myles showed up Gma and Gpa took us out to Chinese for dinner. The kids fave.

Thanks for the food and fun Gma and Gpa. We love you.

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