Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Family Fourth of July

The 4th this year was on a Sunday so obviously the first thing we did was get ready for church. The girls tried to wear all red, white and blue to show how patriotic we are but, not all of us have those colors for Sunday clothes!! Lindy did about the best. Here she is looking super cute sporting her new hair do. She cut it herself thinking that it would make me mad. Better luck next time kid!

Heres Kylee looking beautiful as usual, she loves to take pictures of herself and I just couldn't leave this one out as she is so super cute!

After an awesome Sacrament Meeting and all of the following classes we made it home and had ourselves a very nice cookout. We BBQ'd some chicken and I made a new pasta and cauliflower salad, which most of us liked. We also made this berry cake. The kids were super excited about the cake and enjoyed helping me get the fruit ready and place it in its proper place of our yummy patriotic cake. We were lucky to have enough blueberries as Clayton and Allen kept getting into them.

Can you see B licking his lips!!! He almost can't wait!

Yeah baby, here it is.

There he is, licking his lips again, and next to him is one of our little sneak theifs. I think that this time he's going after the cat though.

After our BBQ we all loaded up with chairs and mosquito spray and headed to Rattlesnake Hill. The Raceway does fireworks every year after the races are done. We got a good parking spot with a great view this year because we got there super early. As with all things there are consequences, being that we had quite a long wait for dark. Some of the kids entertained themselves with a good card game.

We all had to take turns entertaining Allen as he just did not want to sit. We were on the edge of a busy road as there were many others trying to get a good spot for fireworks as well. I tried to get the sillhoutte of Myles with Allen, this is the best shot. It didn't quite turn out the way I was hoping.

Fun Fun Fun!

What a cutie.

What a Ham.

More entertaining.

Just a very happy bunch!

Entertaining Clayton!

What a face! He was getting up on top of the van to join his sisters for the fireworks. Funny how everyone found these crazy spots to sit and watch but when the time for the show rolled around we were all pretty much sitting down behinde the van together as a family. It was very comforting as this will be one of the last years we will all be together. With the kids growing up and moving on it will be hard to have activities with a complete family.

More entertaining.

Keeping the boys busy, Lindy's turn.

He was excited to get to go walk again, Minnies turn.

Who knows! Britten is quite the talker and storyteller.

Goof ball, just sit!!!!

I didn't get any pictures of fireworks, I 'd actually rather watch and enjoy them rather than try to get the perfect shot. We ended up getting the car seat out and buckling Allen in so that he couldn't go any where. Once the firworks began he quieted down and watched with a little grin that turned into a big grin and then a chuckle and then laughing and clapping. It was pretty sweet. I'll miss these days of sweet baby ways!

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