Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Family Fourth of July in Virginia City

Virginia City on a nice July day
The first thing we did was eat at a little park with a gazeebo. It was perfect, not too hot.
 Then we hiked up the hill to the main street tourist trap. We stopped at the little museum there where all of the kids went in for free so Myles and I just waited outside and relaxed a bit.

As we walked up the street we found many picturesques places to stop and shoot a few photos. This is one of my faves even though the little boys aren't cooperating too well.

People saw us in our matching shirts and thought that we were tourists, well I guess in a fashion were are, afterall we're not native to Virginia City. I had always wanted to have matching shirts when we go out as a family, for one, its a lot easier to find lost kids when you know what they're wearing. The girls weren't too thrilled about the whold thing but they graciously humored me.

They're watching and learning how to pan for gold.

This is the only horse action we got for the day. It was kind of a bummer because Myles and I didn't get to ride but we understand that when you have kids, well, its just all about them.

Allen was a bit unsure of the whole thing.

Clayton on the otherhand couldn't get enough!

Theres mammas handsome man!

 The silver lady, her dress is made out of Silver Dollars

In the Wedding Chapel, I just can't imagine actually getting married in a place like this, it seems sort of cheesy.

At the candy store. It's so fun to watch the little ones faces when you go into a store with literally barrels of candy everywhere. You know they think they're in heaven.

Everyone enjoying their bounty.

I had gone to the store next door and gotten some chocolate covered cherries for Myles, when Clayton saw what I had he threw his sucker and it shattered into a thousand pieces on the board walk. It was kind of weird. He basically was mad that he didn't get any chocolate covered cherries. Well, he's the one who picked out his sucker, not me. As a result, he spent the rest of the day strapped into the stroller.

I think that I really do need bars on my windows and doors.

Kylee's friend Christian and his family just happen to be in the same place at the same time. It was a pretty cool coincedence.

Britten thinks that he's going to break them out.

Prison food has hit an all new low.

Apparantley its not ok to let your son pee in public.

We had a great time together as a family. It was Myles first trip to Virginia City and I think that he enjoyed himself when he quit thinking about all of the things that he could be doing at home!

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