Saturday, August 7, 2010

A House of Screams!

We found a gopher snake in the house yesterday! We called Zack over to get the snake out where a lot of screaming ensued, Allen on the other hand, not realizing what was going on, just stared at all of us silly girls with a look of awed wonder. .

After Zack showed all that the snake was relatively harmless and everyone quit screaming, the kids all took turns holding and allowing said snake to wrap around their necks while Allen threw a huge fit attempting to pull Zacks pants down in order to be picked up by his number one buddy. We had a somewhat interesting afternoon.

Zack had to keep reminding Clayton not to squeeze.

Zack kept reassuring everyone that the sanke would not bite, he put the snakes face on his face several times to demonstrate this face, he even put the snake in his mouth, eeewwwwwww :o
When Allen noticed the snake peeking over Zacks shoulder all he had to say about it was "Eh!" He also smiled a lot, I think he liked it.
Natasha was being brave but it did at one point get its face a little toooooo close to hers. Plus it scared the kids when it would wrap itself tight around their neck.

Madison was less than thrilled to have a snake winding itself around her neck, I was bareley able to get a picture of her she was moving away from it so fast. At least she made an attempt!
Allen wanted so badly to squoosh its head! He was very interested in this smooth slithery thing! I on the other hand was more than happy to let Zack take it home and out of my house!

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