Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's School Time Again

"Natasha, aren't you excited for school today?" Says 3rd grade Lindy Carel. "Yeah, I'm excited for today, but not for the whole year of school." replies sister Natasha who is a Junior this year. I would continue in story form but I don't have that kind of immagination!

The whole gang
Why Yes, that is a smirk, Natasha was disappointed
that she was unable to drive Put Put today

My two Highschoolers
Natasha, a Junior this year
Kylee, a Sophmore
Chelsea, my lone Junior Higher, she's in 8th grade
My 3 Elementary kids
Thanks to a dear friend, every time I go to their school
West End Elementary I now sing
'West End Girls' in my head :)
Madison, the big 6th grader
Lindy, our 3rd grader
Britten, 2nd grade
Allen was soooooo cute this moring during pictures.
He ran around the yard saying "Cheese, cheese"

School is a very busy place!!!!!!
Britten at his desk
Britten was so excited to get to class I had to keep telling him to wait up for the rest of us. He practically ran the whole way from the car. Stopping to get a picture at the front door was almost torture.
With his teacher Mr. Frank
Lindy at her desk, isn't she adorable!
Lindy with Mrs. Swisher
Madison at her desk, the teacher had the kids draw a
shape out of a basket and match it with the shapes
on the desk, thats how they were placed.
Look at her almost all grown up.
Mrs. Taylor and the ruler of the school, my 6th grade Maddn
One last Cheese!
The Little boys and I had the most peaceful, quiet and relaxing day. We cleaned, played and enjoyed each other. I think we're going to like this school year! :)

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