Monday, June 7, 2010

Out and About When the Family is Here

Well, as if Minnie's graduation and all of the hoopla to go with it wasn't exhausting enough! We all decided to go to Lake Tahoe and Virginia City while we were all  together. I honestly don't know how mom and dad managed to drive home because after they left the kids and I spent the whole rest of the day just vegging, we were all that tired!!!! We did have a blast though. Lake Tahoe is a fave for all of us. It's just sooooo beautiful and peaceful. No better place on earth!!!!

When we got there we decided to walk quite a ways down the beach so that we could have a section all to ourselves. Once we all got there the kids discovered that it was still too early in the year to swim being as the water is still ice cold! Way colder than the ocean! So swimming was out, but....... They found crawdads! They spent pretty much the whole time catching and killing (accidentally, oops) crawdads. It was pretty cool, I think that they caught over 30 of them.
They caught a lot!
For those who were not interested in catching crawdads there was sunbathing and rock climbing.

Chelsea and Natasha
Zack and Minnie
Chelsea, Madn(just the top of her head!) Zack and Minnie
There was also some sand burying, ant playing, treasuring collecting and picture taking going on!
Joely and Natasha
As usual, up to the neck in deep sand!
Allen and Chelsea
He was having a bit of an issue with the elastic in his pants!
Allen discovered a bunch of flying ants. It was kind of gross, they were crawling all over him and he kept picking them up. I was sooooo surprised that he didn't get bit!
Hey Charlie, look what I found.
Look, its a claw
Look, I got one too.
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Two pretty girls
This is how we spent our day, then off to Carson City and Costco for lunch/dinner. I was too anxious to get to the lake so we didn't stop for lunch supplies anywhere. The kids were busy enough that they all hung in there pretty good until we fed them.
Searching Searching Searching, I know theres got to be more little fishes here.
Kamie out on the rocks
Just wading in the cold cold water, Chelsea and Allen
Me and Clay


Kamie and Charlie

Minnie and Zack

Kamies crew

Bye Bye Lake Tahoe, until next time.

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