Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Big Pig Fight

I hope that I didn't get your hopes up with the title, I don't have any pictures of a pig fight. :{ Sorry, we were all way toooooo busy watching it to take any pictures :) ! At out Reno show, NJLS we missed Grand by a pig fight! Madison's pig was involved in a huge fight that took 3 men with boards (thats what they break up fights with) and several minutes to get the situation under control. The average fight is about 30 seconds, this one was several minutes! Needless to say Madison was penned and given 2nd place which was good. The Reno show is a lot harder to win, even though we did get Grand there last year with Minnie and her pig Winston!!!! Not to sound all country on you but Myles spoke to the judge later and he said that he liked Madison's pig a lot better than the 1st place pig but he couldn't risk having that pig back in the ring for the final drive sooooo, we may have missed a 2nd grand but oh well, that just how the ball bounces. Disappointing but alright.
Any how, Minnie received a 2nd in class, Natasha, 3rd in class, Kylee 1st in class, Madison 2nd, Chelsea ? and Lindy ? . During Showmanship We did horrible. Kylee's pig was fighting this time and she was just sent from the ring and then excused right away. I was bummed for her because watching her from the sidelines I could see her working hard to do a good job, the fight happens and she's penned instantly and her shoulders fell and I could tell she was disappointed. Thats the hardest part about being a mom, seeing your kids hurt or discouraged. Any how, Madison was the only one (not surprisingly she was allowed to show someone elses pig for showmanship) who makde it to the final drive for showmanship. She got 6th place, everyone else got a blue or red ribbon. Lindy did a great job showing this weekend, she went out and worked her little heart out and the judge had good things to say about her on both days, I was very proud of her.
We don't have any pictures of her showing this weekend because the camera man was too busy dealing with a rogue pig when she was showing. We don't have any picts of Maddie for the same reason. We are so pathetic I know!
One of the best parts about this weekend was some very special friends came to visit us and watch the girls show. Thanks so much for your love and support Donnie and Sandra!!!XOXOXO
On the last note, this year at State Fair, wich is in August, will be Minnies last show and your last chance to watch her in the ring!!!!!(hint hint)

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