Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just Hanging Around

Mid-April, 2010
We had spent the afternoon cleaning up the yard and when we were done for the day the kids were all playing on the swing set just chillin. Britten had stopped and put Allen on the swing with him and Clay and was pushing the swing back and forth with a broken broom handle. It was so sweet to see the three boys playing happily together and to see big brother taking care of little brothers. I just had to snap a few shots. Which is actually harder than it sounds! A few shots turned into several shots trying to get a good one of the three moving boys. All I can say is that that is one spoiled baby!

Of course Madison and Lindy had to get in on the action and we had a whole session of look at me, see what I can do, watch me now. What a couple of hams!
Heres a few shots of my super handsome boys in their Sunday best. Britten had just gotten some much needed new Sunday clothes and was pretty proud of how handsome he looked in his new duds. Then of course I had to include Clayton  because of course he's just as handsome as his big brother!

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