Friday, April 16, 2010

The Grand Champion

We've had two livestock shows recently. The local Fallon show, Churchill County Livestock Show which was April 22-24, and the Reno show, Nevada Junior Livestock Show (NJLS) which was April 29-May 2. In the Fallon show Madison took Grand Champion! She's pretty proud of her 2 belt buckles! Remember she took Grand at State Fair as well. Minnie didn't show in Fallon because her pig didn't make weight. Natasha took 1st in class, Kylee took 3rd in class, Chelsea took 2nd in Class and Lindy took ?. I don't remember how they did in showmanship. To Clarify, The places above reflect how the pig lookks, the judging is only on the about the pig. It's called Market Class Judging. Then they go another round Called Showmanship which is when the kid is judged on how well they show their animal.

Lindy was a bit glum. This was her first time showing and she was nervous plus her shoes were soaked and she was cold and very unhappy. :{This is the all time favorite picture, The Judge is shaking Madison's hand giveing her her rossette for Grand Champion and in the back ground Natasha is smiling, happy for her isister.. Madison and Natasha were both in the final drive because their pigs both received 1st in class. Chelsea was in the holding pen with the potential opportunity to be in the final drive if the 1st place pig in her class had won Grand.

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