Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break Begins With Easter

     Easter this year was a bit different. It started off with a trip to Reno to get Natasha's friend Taylor from Boron. I know that the two girls were super excited to see each other but I tell you, I think that I was almost just as excited! Taylor is such a sweetie and a super good friend to Tashee.
     That evening when we were decorating eggs all 3 of the older  girls decided that they would rather go out with their friends and leave the little ones home to do the eggs. At first that seemed ok to me because they are growing up and I can understand how dyeing eggs isn't exactly up there on the top 10 things to do on a Saturday night, but I can tell you all, it will never happen again! From here on out everyone will be at home to dye our eggs together as a family. And thats final! The little kids had a good time, I even got into it a bit more this year. I bought a camo egg kit so I was having fun trying to make camoflouge eggs, there was gray dye and army green! It was pretty cool! Chelsea took charge and got the dye ready with her sisters while Clayton tried to stay out of trouble.
Clayton had tons of fun, he loved the whole concept of coloring eggs and was far too impatient to even bother with using a wire or spoon or anything for that matter to get the eggs out of the dye, he just used his hands!
Heres our annual Easter Egg in front of the Eye picture!

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