Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Family Togetherness in a Barn

Yes, I said in a barn. We spent St. Patrick's day evening out at the pig barn watching Myles sow Berney farrow 8 piglets. Not everyone was there the whole time, except Myles of course, but we all came out, sat, watched and went back inside at our leisure. There was no arguing or fighting just quiet awe and excited expectation as we witnessed the miracle of birth. Sweet family togetherness. Funny how the sweetest miracles seem to happen in barns!
We did begin the day with our traditional accessorizing of the green; beads, head bands, t-shirts, hair dye and shamrock stamps.

We then ended the day with our traditional corned  beef and cabbage dinner with our Green velvet cake to top it all off in honor of Grandpa Betts whose birthday it is and the reason for which we have developed the family tradition of going all out for a holiday that most don't even notice is there.
     You just gotta love that Clay smile!

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