Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentines to Remember

Someone gave me the great idea to post something that I love on everyday for the month of February in honor of Valentines day on my FB page.  I wanted to add to my family blog the loves of my life that I had posted on FaceBook during the month.

Day 1 of Valentines Declarations.

     I love my husband more than anything!!!! He is kind, forgiving, respectful and a great provider for his family. He works hard for us, esp. for me so that I can do what I need to do and be a stay at home mother and wife.

Day 2 of Valentines Declarations.

 Minnie is an amazing young woman. I love her with all my heart and am amazed at the courage, love and strength that she possesses. There’s so many times I look at her and think WOW! How lucky I am to be blessed with such a great daughter and friend, I'm truly a rich woman!

Day 3 of Valentines Declarations.

     Natasha is awesome. She has so many talents and abilities, more than I think that she knows. She is good at art and has great organizational skills. She is so good to her brothers and sisters and I love her companionship. I Love you Tashee!!!!!

Day 4 of Valentines Declarations.

Kylee is a unique young lady. I have enjoyed watching her grow into a beautiful young lady. She is very talented and can succeed at anything that she chooses to. She is the first to jump up and help when help is asked for. I'm so glad that I have Kylee as my daughter and my friend.

Day 5 of Valentines Declarations.
      Chelsea, my pink monster, can do anything. At least that’s what she used to say! I still think its true. Chelsea has quite the sense of humor, she loves to cook, loves the little ones and is a true blessing to have as a daughter. I love having such a beautiful, intelligent, talented and funny young lady growing up in my home.

Day 6 of Valentines Declarations.


Maddie is quite the girl! She is great with her little brothers, esp. the monster. She is kind and loving, my little snuggler always ready to give me a back rub or a hug if I've had a hard day. She is always attentive to my needs and those of her little brothers and goes out of her way to help me when she feels that I need it. I appreciate my Maddie and adore her tremendously.

Day 7 of Valentines Declarations.

  Lindy, my last daughter is quite the girl. She has a wonderfully unique sense of fashion. She always looks great styling her hair, clothes and accessories to make a fabulous ensemble. She also is a budding artist with a great ability to work with color within a scheme. She cares deeply for her family and does her best to help her mom. I love you Lindy Poo!

Day 8 of Valentines Declarations.

     I just adore my first son, Britten Jones. He is so amazing and everything that he does is an adventure being as he is my first child to do things like a boy! He is super smart, takes very good care of his sisters and brothers, super sweet, super brave, loves soccer and the animals, I'm very proud of my B, He's the best son a mom could ask for!

Day 9 of Valentines Declarations.

     What can I say about Clayton, the 9th love of my life, my 2nd son... Well for starters, he's a monster! Which is ok because that’s who he is. He is growing up fast and actively exploring his world, he loves to crack eggs! He loves to cook, paint and anything Scooby Doo. He is becoming a wonderfully independent, loving little boy. As much frustration and anger as he causes me, I love him with all my heart. He’s my boy.

Day 10 of Valentines Declarations.

     Allen, my third son and my last baby, you are a joy in our home with your sweet baby ways, knowing that you are the last I have spent the extra time to enjoy your sweet baby days. I love your sweetness, your pudgy belly, the quiet clap of your plump little hands, the pitter patter of your little baby feet as you run across the floor, your grin, your laugh, the stories you tell, your serious looks of contemplation, the way you put us in our place, your snuggles, your loves and open mouthed slobbery kisses. I love the look you give me when I'm telling you that you're short knowing that someday you'll be telling me that. I could go on and on about all of the little things that I love. Allen, I love you, Thank you for being the little light in my life.
Day 11of Valentines Declarations.
     I owe so much to my parents. I am so Thankful for good parents who love me and my family to no end. They are the best and I couldn't ask for better.

Day 12 of Valentines Declarations.
     Tillie, Myles mom has given us a wonderful Husband and Father, we will be forever grateful.

Day 13 of Valentines Declarations.
"Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."

     Good friends make the world brighter!

Day 14 of Valentines Declarations.
     The gospel, my Lord and Savior and the scriptures. This is my mom and dad in 197? in front of the Idaho Falls Temple.

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