Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Britten, the Bakugan Battle Brawler!

Britten turned 7 this year! He is growing up so fast, only one year until his baptism and he is looking forward to this special event already!!!!! I have been able to help out in Brittens classroom again this year and I love it. He is not too old or too cool to run up and greet me with a hug, its great! He does so well in school, he works hard and is very smart. I love being able to witness his achievments. Whenever I go into the classroom with the two little boys for a special occaision like for p.e. parents day or holiday parties he is so mindful of Clayton and does everything that he can to make sure that Clay is included, even if this means giving all of his attention to his little brother instead of his friends! For example, when we took Brittens cupcakes in for his birthday Britten took Clayton around the whole entire room and let Clayton dispense the germ buster (antibacterial gel) to everyone, even though this was a privledge that the teacher reserves for the birthday kids! Then Britten made sure that Clayton had a seat with his very own cupcake. It was an awesome sight for a mother to see!
 Britten is very sensitive with a strong sense of right and wrong. He works hard to make right choices by being honest and kind. He loves to help take care of his baby brother and he is overjoyed that Clayton is finally reaching an age where they can truly play together and have comraderie! I love the fact that Britten can sit down for hours at a time drawing and writing in his notebooks. When he draws a picture he can tell every detail of every little thing that is in his drawing! Its amazing how much thought goes into it all! Overall Britten is just an amazing little man who is totally into Bakugans at the moment! Goodbye Spiderman, goodbye Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime, Hello Bakugan Brawlers!

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