Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Current Family Photos

We had to wait and wait for everyone to get together. Man if its this hard to get the family together now, I can't even imagine what its going to be like when more of the kids are grown.
I was beginning to lose cooperation at this point and everyone was getting very cold! As a result the kids aren't set up very good but sometimes you got to take what you can get!

By the time it got to be Mine and Myles turn it was getting dark. Still, we didn't turn out toooo bad did we???!!!???


  1. I love your family pictures. You have such a beautiful family. We need to have another one taken really bad! I think Miles should have smiled, but you look beautiful and it's still a really nice pix of you two!

  2. For the family pictures we had the camera on the timer, for Myles and I it was all up to one of the kids so we just sort of had to take what we got. I try to get a new family picture done every year, it actually turns out to be every year and a few months and we do them ourselves. I actually think they turn out better when we do them ourselves, then I don't feel like we wasted all of our money to get one maybe shot. Doren took one of our family pictures.