Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Current Family Photos

We had to wait and wait for everyone to get together. Man if its this hard to get the family together now, I can't even imagine what its going to be like when more of the kids are grown.
I was beginning to lose cooperation at this point and everyone was getting very cold! As a result the kids aren't set up very good but sometimes you got to take what you can get!

By the time it got to be Mine and Myles turn it was getting dark. Still, we didn't turn out toooo bad did we???!!!???

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Junior Prom

If theres one thing I have learned it is to never ever again go prom dress shopping with the little boys. They make a relatively fun event and turn it into a chore. With that being said, Natasha and I (at least the I part is a fure sure) had a lot of fun looking for dresses. We hit up several stores and tried on a lot of dresses in order to find the perfect one. I find it rather comical how no matter how many different stores we go to, we always end up at buying our dresses at Sears. This green looks amazing on Ta Ta!What a beauty queen! Clayton took this picture which explains the back ground.

 We had 3 girls hogging up the bathroom while they got ready. Natasha ended up taking the van in to town to get the rest of her dates while Myles and I got Jessicas truck out of the ditch. That is Natasha's friends favorite place to park. Thankfully it was an easy fix this time around!

 Then they had dinner here while Myles and I served and Minnie had the rest at the movies. I got some champagne glasses from the dollar store and we served them apple cider with salad, spanish rice and chicken enchiladas.

 Debbie, Natasha, Jessica, Erica and Melissa

 From our house they went to Christines where there were more pictures taken and they were called skittles.

On the way to the dance

After words they went to a bonfire where it wasn't really all that warm even with the fire. Christine showed her bravery by jumping over the fire and the rest of the girls and boys goofed around while it snowed.