Monday, October 8, 2012

Our First Grand Baby Bump

I have finally gotten around to editing MiMi's baby bump photos. Why I started with the horse photos I don't know but I guess I had so start somewhere!☺ I already know what many of you are saying and believe you me, I hear ya!!!!!!! In hindsight I could have done such a better job on these photos but I was so busy being a nervous mommy and grandma that I rushed and did not pay attention to details. After all, a part of my life was on top of that horse. Minnie really wanted some photos done of her on the horse though so I obliged. It's a good thing that my subject matter is so drop dead beautiful or else the pictures could really be a disaster!
 I normally really like this edit with the black but it is just not turning out that well. I'm still including it though.

I have discovered that closeups are usually the most loved of our loved ones, however it seemed odd to me to have a girl on a horse and only show the back of the horse which is why I have the full body equine shots. I really do love this one of Mi Mi up close regardless of the half a horse.
I just could not get over how cute my baby girl was with her perfectly round little baby bump. She was just sooooo adorable!

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