Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Halloween

 This year for Halloween we didn't do as much as usual. I didn't take any treats into the schools and we only had 1 Halloween party other than Trick or Treating. It was a very laid back holiday for once and I very much enjoyed it! We were very busy the night of Halloween however because someone thought it would be a great idea to have a HS soccer playoff game before trick or treating! Chelsea didn't do anything for Halloween at all because she is in the Beauty and the Beast play. They insisted that the kids have rehearsals instead of yummy candy fun. Go figure! Anyways, as I was running late because Ky's game ran into overtime, we quickly wolfed some dinner down, got costumes on (Thankfully the older kids had had the forsight to get themselves and the little ones as ready as possible) and as I was heading out the driveway to get Chelsea to practice an hour late and the rest of us to Trick or Treating 30 minutes late, I stopped the car, made everyone get out and we posed for pictures amongst many complaints.
We didn't have a lot of mulah for costumes this year. Actually Britten was the only one with a new bought costume this year because he worked hard to earn it. We have enough costumes that we've used and made over the years that were ok in the costume department. Madison used a costume that I made for Natasha's 8th grade play. I learned how to make a shirt look like it has muscles underneath in order to make Clayton the Hulk. For Allen all I had to do was make the hood, making the mask to go with it was not that easy though. He didn't care that it was stupid though. As he was getting dressed he kept saying "I'm bat man and I look good." As long as he was happy thats all that matters! He did ask who his Robin was going to be! It was very cute.
Our Magical Genie

The amazingly strong Incredible Hulk
 Lindy dug through the costume box until she was able to piece together a pirate costume. She looked great even though people kept asking what she was. Really! just because she doesn't have all of the store bought accessories people, you can't use your imaginations! What is the world of constant video games and tv coming to?
The Beautiful piratess Bloody Lindy

The secret and powerful Ninja B
The Sweetest Bat Man the
world will ever see.

I saw the idea on pinterest to be a little beauty queen from the show that I never watch Toddlers and Tiaras. I thought it was cute, super easy and fun to make and did not cost a lot. Just what I needed.

The might hunter and the spoiled toddler in a tiara!

Minnie showed up for Trick or Treating with us, she got her first taste of how babies change lives. We spent a lot of the evening sitting on the curb feeding a baby. She took this picture of him earlier in the day. Such a baby angel. I don't know what I want to eat more, the candy or the baby! This by the way is Allen's favorite picture! Everytime he looks at my phone he insists on seeing the picture with Myles in the candy.

The one who cared about Halloween the very least!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our First Grand Baby Bump

I have finally gotten around to editing MiMi's baby bump photos. Why I started with the horse photos I don't know but I guess I had so start somewhere!☺ I already know what many of you are saying and believe you me, I hear ya!!!!!!! In hindsight I could have done such a better job on these photos but I was so busy being a nervous mommy and grandma that I rushed and did not pay attention to details. After all, a part of my life was on top of that horse. Minnie really wanted some photos done of her on the horse though so I obliged. It's a good thing that my subject matter is so drop dead beautiful or else the pictures could really be a disaster!
 I normally really like this edit with the black but it is just not turning out that well. I'm still including it though.

I have discovered that closeups are usually the most loved of our loved ones, however it seemed odd to me to have a girl on a horse and only show the back of the horse which is why I have the full body equine shots. I really do love this one of Mi Mi up close regardless of the half a horse.
I just could not get over how cute my baby girl was with her perfectly round little baby bump. She was just sooooo adorable!