Sunday, August 23, 2009

Soccer Begins

We began our first official day of our 8th soccer season today. Yes, of course we've had practices over the last few months and weeks but today we had games making it all official. Kylee's games were all scrimmages with 2 other teams one from Dayton and somewhere else. I was'nt able to see any of her games but she said that she did well. Because this was a set of preseason games for the coaches to see the kids in action Kylee did'nt play any one spot, everyone rotated. Chelsea's team the Bulldogs won. Chelsea had a good game playing defender most of the time. (Iactually know what that is now!) I was glad that I had redyed her hair yesterday because it was much easier to find her on the field! (She has blood red streaks in it, looks awesome!) Lindy did very well, she is holding back a little bit though, I think that she's afraid of injuring her arm again or she just hates being a defender because when whe was a forward she ran her little heart out. You may remember that she broke her arm last year during a soccer game right at the beginning of the season. Lindy's team name is the Leprchauns because the uniforms were supposed to be green with yellow trim, it seems that someone messed up because we have yellow leprchauns! Britten did a great job during his game! He's out there to have fun and he does! His team are the Bombs! Madison's team doesn't have a name yet because they did'nt know what color the uniforms were going to be. Maddn began the game by blacking out on the field during warm ups. It seems that she saved all of her water for the game which was at noon, not realizing that we had brought extra water with us to last our family the whole day. She spent the first half of the game recovering and was able to play the last half, running as fast as she could to beat the other team, she played midfielder and made a goal. It is amazing to see her out there on the field this year, she is the smallest player on her team. It was a long and hot day! I'm so glad that we have our portable canopy!
I wish that I could tell you more about the action of the kid's games, I'm not much of a sports person, so the fact that I know the difference between a midfielder, defender and forward is pretty amazing! I guess if I hang around long enough the information will begin to sink in! Just don't ask me what offsides is. During a game I spend most of my time trying to find my kid out there on the field because they keep moving see. So it seems like I miss a lot of the game itself.
Anyways, that was our day!

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  1. You are WAAAY ahead of me. I watched/coached soccer for years with my children, who were both pretty good at it, and I know just one position, goalie. Both of mine played goalie. I think that may have been because they had grown up on a farm working, and so they weren't afraid to "take a hit". The one set of games that comes to mind is when a rather tall girl was rouffing Carol-Ann up pretty bad and she had told the ref twice that it was happening, the ref told her that he truly wasn't seeing it, and believed her. He said if I'm not able to catch her, I can't punish her. Carol-Ann said "okay, if you can't see her, you'd better not see me when I even up the score. Next time down the field she came at Carol-Ann, Carol - Ann caught her with her knee right on her pubic bone, and as she was falling to the ground, right foot to the head, yup, out cold. She didn't bother Carol-Ann at all the next two years they played that team. Then during the boys game, everyone that got anywhere near Donnie, he said "hey, remember the girls game, my sister, I taught her that move. They all stayed out of the goalie area. It was a fun night of soccer for me.
    Dillon is so excited, his Mom and Dad is letting him come with me this week. I got most of my tasks taken care of yesterday, and it seems as though I will be able to catch up yesterdays (misses) and get todays done also.
    I am suppose to bring a CD from Cordelia, if she gets it to me within the next 28 hours. I will see ya'll tomorrow.