Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This post and the next few are a bit behinde the actual holiday being as our computer crashed and we were not able to get it going until December. We spent a month going to the library to use their computers for the kids homework and what not. It was a nice change of scenery yet it is so nice to be able to just sit down at your very own desk any time you like and connect to the internet or whatever it is that you need to do. Plus, I can't believe how retarded a person feels without your computer, its like having your arm amputated! We are so dependant on technology these days that its almost scary. As I'm at home waiting for a phone call from one of my kids cell phones (or usually their friends cell phones!) I always wonder how did my parents know when to come get me from sporting events, dances, the movies, ect. We are so dependant on technology!!!!!!
Our Thanksgiving was very nice. I love cooking a big turkey dinner with my kids. They love to help me. Thats what I love most about this holiday, cooking with my kids. They help me make everything from the turkey to the pies. Its fun. I love sitting down to a beautifully set table full of fall colors and enjoying a nice meal that we have prepared together. I specialize in the stuffing, Myles the mashed potatoes, Minnie the Pecan pie and everyone else helps with the cutting, peeling and rolling of various items. Its a great day. I hope that this is one holiday that my kids will always come home for, they are what makes it so special.
For a family home evening we made turkeys and marked down what we were most thankful for on the feathers and then taped them to the wall making a rather large turkey farm! The things that we are most thankful for are family, the gospel, good friends, school, a warm home, dad's job, pigs,and food in our bellies. Clayton is on a Scooby Doo kick and he was most thankful for Scooby Doo!
Here is a picture of our Turkey farm.

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