Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blue and Gold Banquet

We attended the Blue and Gold Banquet where the boys are to bring their own decorated cakes. The options were blue and gold theme or fiesta. Britten wanted to do a scout wolf cake. He also reminded us of this minor detail at 8:30 the night before the banquet! We got up early and he and his sisters baked the cake so that it would be cool after school for the decorating part.
Britten frosted the cake with help from mom because you know how moist and delicate these cakes can be. If you're not careful the cake will be all tore up from the frosting. I showed him how to be careful and spread the frosting all around. I made the square and then showed him how to squeeze the blue from the bag onto the square. Britten did the rest of the blue and then all of the yellow. He did portions of the wolf while I did touch ups and made it look more like a wolf.
He was pretty excited, or as kids today would say "He was stoked!"
When we got to the church he was showing and telling everyone who would listen about all of the parts of the cake that he did and what parts I did. It was pretty cool to see him so excited!
Britten also earned his Bobcat badge. Brandon Bird, our Scout Master had the boys tell of one thing that they learned while earning their badge and Britten recited what Webolos means, We'll Be Loyal Scouts.
After they get their awards the boys get to pick a cheer from the cheer box that we the crowd does to cheer our scout on.
For Britten we had to do a djfka;fj  cheer.
Then when it was time to eat we all had to win the contest for most buttons or most coins ect. in order to go get in line. We won most pictures in our wallet. We stopped counting at 25 because we had already won. It's a good thing that I keep the old pictures of the kids in with the new ones!!!!!! We had a great evening. Even though we were quadruple booked for the night. We had the Blue and Gold, dance practice, Chelsea's piano lesson and a pig club meeting. Natash and Lindy skipped the pig meeting to come with me to the Banquet but it took soooooo long for us to get to the eating part that Myles and the rest of the crew joined us for the end of dinner and cake. They got to help clean up as part of their reward! We're new to all of this scouting stuff because I didn't even realize that it was the Blue and Gold Banquet until we were sitting at the tables and I noticed that all of the decorations were blue and yellow, so I asked someone. Pathetic! We are however learning how to become a scouting family!

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