Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day 2011

St. Patricks day this year was great! The day began with me getting up a bit earlier than normal so that I could make a really nice breakfast. I started out with chocolate chip muffins which I dyed green and baked in my shamrock muffin pan.
I also served green eggs and ham plus green fruit and my specialty for the year, a green smoothie. This took a bit of research and most everything I found online had spinach in it! I can't imagine those peoples claims that their children love their green smoothies are actually true, but hey, you never know do you! I ended up using vanilla yogurt, kiwi's, green grapes and pineapple juice. The next batch I used lime juice instead and added a banana, It was even better!!!!! My kids loved the smoothie! Which made me very happy.

A sneaky little Leprchaun also left us little pots of chocolate gold coins and chocolate shamrocks! The table settings were all green and it was all a very overwhelmingly green breakfast of which everyone sat and enjoyed each others company. I did end up driving everyone to school because we missed the bus, but sometimes it's just worth it!

For dressing up this year I found some hats at the dollar store, got some shamrock tatoos, green beaded necklaces and the hit of the year, green shamrock sunglasses! It was awesome! I also made a few green carnation hair bows for the girls hair. Everyone looked GREAT! We called Grandpa and sang Happy Birthday to him before leaving for school and then headed out. We were not able to do our St. Patrick's Day dinner until Sunday because our RS Birthday dinner celebration was that night and it was important that the girls and I attend. Then we had to work around Minnie's schedule so Sunday night we had our corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and Grandpa's Fave, Green Velvet cake!!!!!

 We really enjoyed our St. Patty's day this year. I know people think that we're nuts for getting so into this holiday, but the kids and I enjoy our celebration in honor of Grandpa!
Clayton's lookin all St. Patricks day gangster!

He likes to pose for the camera. Interesting!

Showing off his tats.

I got a bit carried away with Allen's tats.

Cutie Patootie!

One on the cheek,

one on his foot,

and on both arms,

He won't leave his clothes on so I had to make sure he was
wearing green somehow!

Me in my green.

Me, lookin cool in my shamrock glasses.

What a stud! He got into the food dye and you can still see
the green in his ears!

No green for Myles, you can see one of the hair flowers I
made for the girls.

Che Che and me.

One last pic of Kylee with her tat. The girls removed all of their
tatoos before going to our Mother Daughter
RS dinner.

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