Friday, May 13, 2011

Give me a one, Give me a two, What is that???? TWELVE

Yes, MadN has long awaited this day. She is now 12. Being 12 means soooo many things. It means almost out of elementary school and into Jr. High. It means no more Primary Sharing time or Singing time. It means weekday activies for Mutual and going to Young Womens on Sunday and going to the Temple. It means babysitting, makeup, higheels and not being called a kid anymore. Maddie is definately ready for all of those things. Now, to just let her go. I'm sooooo not ready for my baby girl to grow up, be 12, be in Young Womens or go to Jr. High. I'm not ready!!!! What happens when mom is not ready? Nothing. Because whether or not we as moms are ready for our wee ones to grow up or not does'nt matter, they will grow up anyways. So what do we do? We stand aside with our breaking hearts and watch with pride and joy as our babies take step after step into adulthood.

 Because turning 12 is such a special age we have always tried to make it a special celebration so MadN's day began with her birthday crown, a tradition that we started many many years ago.

The little boys and I also worked on making her favorite treat to share with her class and we decorated them super special with purple white chocolate since that is MadN's favorite color.

We added a few birthday balloons to the mix and left it in her classroom as a surprise.

Then for lunch we picked MadN up with a couple of her friends and we ran off to the Hunan Buffet for a scrupmtious meal. The girls had a blast being loud and silly!

After school I picked MadN up for a trip to the beauty parlour. One of her presents this year was colored hair extensions.

There were so many colors to choose from, it was a difficult choice to make.

But in the end Blue won.

MadN and Debbie showing of their cool hair!

Picture perfect!


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