Friday, May 20, 2011

Seventeen, Fourteen and Twelve

Cakes, cakes, cakes Galore! Yes, I have a lot of fun making and decorating cakes for my kiddos. These 3 cakes I had a blast with. I decorated each one according to each childs likes and personality and tied them all together the the new printed edible paper from Wilton. I however didn't realize that one sheet of paper was soooo small and being as I couldn't go back to Reno to pick another sheet I had to make do. Still, I don't think that they turned out too bad. :}

I love the color with the black and white paper. A goregous affect.

Don't get too nit picky about the mistakes you may see, remember, I have helpers! Both while I am decorating and after. Its more work to keep the cakes safe than it is to make them with my little boys running around!

 This was my favorite one to make. It was fun and I think fit Chelsea's personality perfectly. She's a bright fun girl!

MadN's Favorite color is purple, so is TaTa's but I didn't want to make them both purple.

 The little cake for the small fry.

I tie dyed the inside of this cake so its all color on the inside and out.

I thought that this cake had just a little bit of class to it which would describe Natasha to a T.

Yes, I've put ALOT of pictures on this post, not to show off the wonderful beautiful cakes but because there are so many different facial expressions in all of these pictures. Its pretty funny.

Time to cut the cake and eat, chocolate cake with cream cheese filling.

She looks so serious as she carves up her cake.

Britten just can hardly wait!

 The little kids like to get in on the giving so they often find something of theirs to give away. They are sooo sweet!
Chelsea with her own purse!

MadN goes into Young Women's now so she has a bracelet with the young womens value colors and a YW journal

 Watch Natasha's facial expressions in the next 3 shots while MadN gets her scarf.

I Love It!

Natasha got this wall sticker for her purple and black room.
Pretty awesome!
This was the celebration of the 3 girls together. They each had their own celebrations also. Just so that they know we think that they each are special!

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