Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A New Year, A New School and A New Senior

August 17, 2011 was the beginning of our school year. Far too early if you ask me! It seems like we had just finished moving and then I had to send my kids off without any more time for summer fun. At the same time the little boys and I are enjoying our days of peace and quiet. They especially love the full day of focus on just them.

Britten and Lindy are my elementary schoolers. They were moved over to Numa this year which Britten and I were excited about. We had tried to get into Numa when we first moved back to Fallon and were unable to squeeze in. Since WestEnd will be closing next year its a good time to switch. Lindy was less than thrilled but she is warming up to her new surroundings.

Maddie my 7th grader
MadN is off to the big Junior High all by herself. She was super excited and is looking forward to being able to do the more grown up things that her little heart so desires to do. I am not ready at all for her to grow up but what kind of a mom would I be if I stood in her way when she's soooooo ready to try her wings!

Natasha the BIG Senior
People always say that my girls look alike,
do you see what they are talking about?
My little freshman (in the middle) with her
upper classmen sisters.
We once again have 3 Highschoolers. Chelsea is unbelievably a Freshman this year. I just remember her sooo vividly as my 3 year old PinkMonster that I can't believe she is in HS already. Kylee is a Junior and once again I have a Senior. I felt a lot of sadness sending Natasha off to her last year of school. A lot of joy and excitement for her but a sense of loss for me. My babies are growing up. Something that I have looked forward to for quite a while but still, a little heartbreaking as it happens.                                            

Kylee taking off. She was out the door before the car even stopped.
 I have always dropped all of my kids off at school for the very first day. This year I couldn't get any of my older girls to stand and pose for me so I had to get them on the run. Apparantly they couldn't wait to get a way and catch up with their friends.
Now this is what I like to see, sisters sticking together.

MadN humored me though.

The new elementary school
Numa was the last school we dropped kids off at and by far the busiest as there were parents and kids everywhere. We had the Navy officers there welcoming all and helping those in need of directions and we even had a blow up Navy officer that the kids refused to pose with! :{ you'd think they were too grown up for such things!

Britten is in the third grade with Mrs. Meiur as his teacher.

Lindy is in the 4th grade and her teacher is Mr. Thompson from third ward. It was very reasurring for us to have someone that we know. We think this will be a great year for Lindy!

I'm always amazed and a little appalled at the sight of this huge vent. It is right in the front of the school and kind of ugly. Look how big it is!

Clayton and Allen and I left school and went to a quiet home where we spent the first hour looking at each other and wondering what we should do. We decided to go outside to spent some time with the pigs, cats and dogs then we made lunch and went to the park.

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