Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again

Yes, It's time for the Highscool Soccer team to have their annual fundraiser at Lattin Farms. We never complain though because it means an evening of fun for the whole family!
 As we were first arriving the Hay wagon pulled up so being as we were in the vicinity, we hopped aboard!

 This is by far a very exciting ride for the little boys who are in awe of being pulled by the tractor.

Here's Allen in his mismatched shoes. I will never understand why it is that these kids shoes are always lost!!!!

 After the Hayride, the kids headed off for the most favorite ride of all, the Cow Train!

  Allens first word as the train began to move was "WEEEE" so cute!

There was room for everyone to ride together.

 After a very long wait and the changing of cars a few times they finally took off.
 Going around the farm
Ahhhh, the ride is over and since they all bailed out of the cars we thought they would all be heading over to the bounce houses but to our surprise, Britten and Lindy just went and got into a different car!

"That ride was super fun Mom"

Madison and Allen headed over to the bounce house by themselves.

The Sorensen family finally arrived. Once they got there our kids and their kids all teamed up and took off for some fun.

We walked over to the fresh produce store to see what they had and try out some yummy samples. We also discovered that they had a very huge pumpkin.

The kids after begging and begging finally got their way and we went to the corn maze. Us parents didn't want to get stuck out there in the heat of the sun but we had to go before the mosquitos were around to eat us alive!

Once inside Allen found a sword and put it to use attacking all of that deadly corn.

"I kill it Mom"


Of course Clayton had to get in on the fun, only he found a live sword and got in trouble for pulling the corn out of the ground.

Allen was upset with brother. Poor little guy.

Man those kids are quick, they disappeared around the corner before I could snap the photo.

Lindy, Tiffany and Luke took off at one point and found the way out. Thankfully they came back and found us and led us to the bridge.

Allen with Tyson and Bells.

 Heres Allen and daddy before we leave the maze and go back to the bounce houses.

 After the maze the kids that were with us all pretty much took off. The older kids had already left us in the dust as we entered the maze. We found the boys in the bounce house.
Clayton having bounce house fun.

Britten jumping away.

Allen wanted to be a part of the jumping fun.

"Look me Mom."

Outside Tiffany and Lindy were wrestling, Allen had to go join in.

I'm not sure who won, I think that they stopped before Allen could get hurt, smart girls.

Lindy had the camera for a while and took a picture of Jacob from her favorite perch, the pear tree.

Well look who wandered back into dodge! It's about time the older kids got out of the maze!

The soccer girls hard at work at the ticket entry booth.

While we were waiting for Kylee to get done with clean up the rest of us decided to mess around. I love this picture of Allen, what a cutie patootie!

Mamma's Handsome boys!

This is always a favorite photo spot, the big stump.

What a Beauty!

As we were loading up to leave Clayton decided it would be a good time to throw one of his fits. He wanted shotgun which had already been claimed.

Pout away.

My super happy camper, Allen can't wait to get to the farm, actually he doesn't really care where we go, he just likes to go somewhere.

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